With Style and a Little Grace: Honey Crisp Apple Grilled Cheese

Honey Crisp Apple Grilled Cheese

Happy Saturday Loves! Today I am bringing you my new favorite grilled cheese EVER. A delicious grilled cheese is one of my ultimate comfort foods and I have seen some amazing recipes on Pinterest recently where they fancy up the grilled cheese and add an apple, bacon, and even honey.  Some of them use goat cheese, brie, etc. They all looked DELICIOUS! Since apples and a little sharp cheddar are one of my favorite snacks - I decided that would be my combo.

Let me just say - once you have a honey crisp apple you may never go back! They are beyond so delicious, crisp, and fresh. Combine that with the melted sharp cheddar and oh my goodness I was in heaven. I made this for myself last night because Henry had football and I wanted something easy. Y'all must make it and tell me what you think. It is definitely starting to feel like Fall. 


1 honeycrisp apple

4 slices new york sharp cheddar

2 slices wheat bread or your favorite bread

olive oil in pan 

Grill your sandwich on a skillet until melted perfection - slice and enjoy! I am telling y'all it will not disappoint - the crisp sweetness of the apples and the sharp cheddar plus the crunch of the bread = the perfect combination.

Happy Saturday - what are you loving making right now? 

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