With Style and a Little Grace: Closet Organization & Clean Out + Giveaway Winner

Closet Organization & Clean Out + Giveaway Winner

With Summer on her way out this weekend now is usually the time of year that I do my semi-annual closet clean out and organization. I don't have a big closet so I have to store my Summer/Winter clothing and I change them out with the seasons. I take this time to do a thorough clean out of my closet and reassess/get rid of the items I am just not going to wear or have lost interest in.

I do recommend coming back periodically every few months and organizing/cleaning out as you go but today I am going to give you my steps that I go through during my big clean outs. Since blogging my closet has definitely expanded plus I am a bit of a clothes horse - judge free zone - so I have to try and purge more often. 

1.)  Clear out a chunk of time and get your head in the right space - make sure that you clear out plenty of time to do a proper clean out. A good Saturday or Sunday morning is perfect to dive into this project. Listen to a good playlist or a book on tape. I am loving listening to books on Audible while I am cleaning - it is my new favorite way to clean. 

2.)  Take Everything Out - Take everything out of your closet so you can start with a fresh slate. Lay it all out so you can see everything that you are working with. It may seem like a massive disaster during this moment but trust me this will really help you evaluate everything and start fresh.

3.) Make Three Piles - Keep, Toss/Donate, and Undecided.

4.) Edit/Inventory - Take time to look through everything that you want to keep and really edit those pieces. You want your closet to be full of flattering pieces that are comfortable and on trend for you. Keep track of the items you have and the items you need to add to your wardrobe. That way when you are shopping you know specifically what your wardrobe needs and don't end up with 7 black tees. I keep a running list on my phone and when I shop I know specifically what I am looking for - outfit planning is key. My mom tried to teach me this years ago and I am just now grasping the concept- thanks for trying mama ;) You want to make sure if you buy a piece you have things that will go for it and if not you should buy the full outfit then or it will just sit in your closet.

5.)  Organize - Neatly organize all of your keep clothing back in your closet - take this time to clean/wash anything that looks dirty or send out for dry cleaning. Make sure you button everything and hang it neatly color coordinated or according to your closet system. I just bought all velvet hangers for my closet and love the look of matching hangers. This is a great way to keep everything looking neat. Fold all pants, sweaters, and shorts according to your system. If you store seasonally like me, make sure the season that is over is all clean and neatly stored properly where it will not damage. I like to wrap my nicer items in tissue paper.

5.) Donation/Undecided Piles - If you are struggling with certain items it is always great to get a second opinion from friends. They can really help you make the final decision to keep/donate. Especially if you are holding on for sentimental reasons - donate girl don't hoard. Another great option is to store for a few months and if you don't reach for any of those items during that time go ahead and donate them - clearly you aren't going to wear them. 

6.) SHOES/BAGS- Take this time to clean all of your shoes and buff/shine your boots. Make sure all of your bags are stored properly and dusted off. 

7.) ONE IN - ONE OUT - Now I must say sometimes I don't always abide by this rule but I really try to. When you buy something new, try to get rid of one thing in your closet. Sort through and make sure you are really using everything that you have. Closet space is prime real-estate and should be occupied by things you are truly going to wear and love. 

* True Story - I did a huge closet clean out a few months ago and realized that I was holding onto items for pure sentimental value - they were taking up tons of space and just weren't anything I was ever going to wear again - I cleared out tons of space for items that I will truly love and wear. Bring on the Fall goodies

I would love to know your closet organization tips!  Let me know if you want to see more organization posts! 

Now for our Giveaway Winner!!! Congrats Jasmine!  Please e-mail me your address so I can send you your fabulous new book!


  1. You have such great clothes and I totally agree about cleaning your closet out on a regular basis. You should look into Poshmark. Instead of just tossing clothes in good condition, you could sell them and save up for splurge items! Love the blog!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! One of my girlfriends does Poshmark too and she says it is fantastic! I will definitely look into it! Thank you so much for reading! XO, Gracie