With Style and a Little Grace: Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Collection 2015

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Collection 2015

Fall has arrived and with it all the cozy little items that make chilly nights snuggled up watching your favorite movie even better. Warm flannel blankets, cups of hot cocoa, and candles burning your favorite spicy scents. Y'all know that I am a candle lover and I think that is putting it mildly - I would burn them all day every single day if my husband would let me. You leave one candle burning all night long and suddenly your on the watch list ;) 

I do burn them year around but there is something about this time of year that really makes me want to burn a candle - warm and spicy - the scent wafting through my house. YES! Bath & Body Works always has the best range of scents for the Autumn/Winter season and they really know how to capture those perfect smells of this time of year. I have rounded up my favorites that I would love to purchase. If you missed it, check out my favorite candles from Fall last year. 

The Smell of an afternoon walk in Autumn - you MUST at least try this one out - it is my absolute favorite from them - I discovered it 2 years ago and it has quickly become my go-to.

You would think this one was sickly sweet but it is much more of that deep fire scent with a little marshmallow mixed in. Reminds me of nights around the fire. 

A warm, spicy pumpkin and apple combo - the perfect Fall scent 

The mix of pumpkin, sweet vanilla, and spicy cinnamon is such a delicious combo - perfect for your kitchen 

Smells like classic pumpkin pie and I would seriously buy every single candle with pumpkin in the title #basic #justsaying

Spicy pumpkin mixed with buttery caramel - um yummy!

This is a fresh scent that smells like a man - very clean 

Warm pecan waffles drizzled in syrup

This sounds so good in theory but I would definitely get the small one at first to make sure it isn't so sweet it gives me a headache. 

What are your go-to candles for this time of year? I am trying to hold off getting these to see if Bath & Body has anymore sales and brings them down to $10 again - do y'all know if there is going to be one anytime soon? If you love their candles - sign up for their rewards - I get tons of great coupons.! 

Thank y'all so much for reading - Happy Wednesday! 

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