With Style and a Little Grace: 5 Tips to a Successful Morning Ritual

5 Tips to a Successful Morning Ritual

I will not lie to y'all my morning routine is a constant battle and something that I am always working on improving. I can't sleep past 8 am but I have the hardest time getting up any earlier than 6:50 so this proves problematic when I try to start my first cycle of the day. I have been to several seminars that teach you about how important that first portion of your day is and how to break everything up to optimize your time to the fullest.

Here are my top 5 tips that I am trying to implement into my daily life and that I think can make a huge impact on your day.

WAKE UP EARLIER  - Whether it's 20 minutes or an hour - giving yourself that extra little bit of time can be just the boost you need and give you more time to do the things you need to do to start your day the right way. 

MANTRA/MEDITATION - Set aside at least ten minutes in the morning for yourself. Start your day with a mantra of all the amazing things that you are thankful for in your life - tick them off your list. After this, do whatever form of meditation that you enjoy, read your devotional or just sit in quiet meditation. Also, take a few minutes to visualize the things you are going to accomplish - it might sound silly but I have found visualization to be a very powerful tool for success. 

MAKE A LIST/CONSULT YOUR PLANNER - You should definitely sit down and plan your week on Sunday but each day go ahead and make a smaller list of the items you want to tackle that day - tick them off as you get them done. Usually I put mine in order of importance - get the urgent items out of the way first. 

EXERCISE - This one is SO HARD for me. I usually work out in the evenings because I just can't get up in the mornings but I really really want to be able to get my work-out over with in the mornings. This is something I really want to conquer. 

EAT BREAKFAST/DRINK WATER - Have a green smoothie or your favorite granola but have breakfast - a healthy start to kick start your day is so important. I also like to try and drink a full glass of lemon water in the morning to really kick start your metabolism. 

* A little extra tip - make your bed and try to tidy up the night before so when you come home your house is not a total disaster. It is much more calming in the morning to wake up to a clean home. It starts the day off so much more peacefully than running around trying to find things.

I would love to know what your morning ritual is?

Happy Friday and thank y'all for reading! 

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