With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 10

Sunday Stock // 10

Flower shopping last week 

Sunday Stock 

Making: my new favorite overnight oats recipe for my morning breakfast - it's so good y'all! 

Drinking: water with lemon 

Reading: just finished The Red Queen check out my review here - so so good  and I just started Allegiant the last book in the Divergent series. 

Wanting: Fall to be here but really just to enjoy my Birthday week - I mean hello 30!

Watching: still BIP ( Bachelor in Paradise ) I can't look away y'all! Also really loved Astronaut wives this summer and I am still OBSESSED with watching Gilmore Girls and Dawsons Creek reruns. Really all my other shows have fizzed out until Fall TV starts next month - can't wait!

Listening To: my Le Mis album on repeat - love me some show tunes

Smelling: Pumpkin Pie Scentsy - I caved and they were the only smells I had left - It smells like Fall in my house and I love it! 

Wishing: that I could get up earlier in the mornings - it is a constant struggle that I am always working on

Enjoying: our last super lazy weekend before the busy Fall football weekends kick into high gear

Learning: more and more about blogging - thinking about doing a full post on all my bloggging tips and tricks that I have learned so far - would y'all be into that?

Loving: Still OBSESSED with Snapchat - Gracie Johnston - snap me for lots of daily life and fun snippets

In case you missed it last week:

I hope y'all had a great weekend - it's my Birthday week!! 

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