With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 09

Sunday Stock // 09

Sunday Stock 

Making: Hard boiled eggs for Breakfast and end of summer peach cobbler - on the blog this week

Drinking: My iced coffee recipe, Propel, and Capri Suns - they are delicious

Reading: I have been so bad on my books this Summer - finishing All the Light we Cannot See this week - just ordered The Royal We - I heard it was amazingly adorable and I need a light read

Wanting: The Summer not to end but I am also looking forward to Fall - I have already been pinning all of my Fall favorites 

Watching: Bachelor in Paradise - it is so bad I can't stop - if you have nothing to watch until Fall TV starts next month - watch it, PLL Finale on Tuesday night - TELL ME WHO A IS! Also I am loving Gilmore Girls again and Dawson's Creek

Listening To: I haven't hooked up the bluetooth in my new ride yet so I have just been listening to the radio 

Eating: Hard Boiled eggs, grapes, tomato sandwiches, and tons of raw veggies with hummus

Smelling: nothing recently - need to go on a major candle shopping spree but I don't want to get anything new until it's time for Fall candles

Wishing: August would slow down - it is one of my favorite months of the year and I turn 30 at the end - time slow down

Enjoying: Laid back weekends with no real plans and tons of free time

Learning: Still working on my little old blog every single day - working on churning out tons of fun content that I am proud of and think that y'all will enjoy! 

Loving: Snapchat - @GracieJohnston - I am seriously ADDICTED - it is probably my new favorite right now! Lots of random life snippets

Wearing: My J.Crew jumpsuit on repeat -now 30% off - the most comfy item in my closet

In case you missed last weeks posts

Happy Sunday Loves - lets have an amazing week! 

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