With Style and a Little Grace: Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler

Around the Johnston house we love peach cobbler, really love it.  I think Henry would eat it every single night. It is a must have dish for Summer and I realized the other day we hadn't eaten it all season long. I'm seriously slacking on my Southern must eat dishes for Summer y'all! 

I picked up some fresh peaches from the Farmer's market and whipped up our favorite easy and delicious recipe - ready to remedy this sacrilege. 

I always make The Pioneer Woman's peach cobbler recipe and of course add a little ice cream on the side. It is the best cobbler I have ever made. Just the right hint of crunch on the crust and gooey sweet in the center. What better way is there to enjoy a warm August night? I can't think of one right now.

Are you a fan of peach cobbler? Thank y'all for reading! 

OMG did y'all watch the PLL finale last night? I might have to do a full review of all the feelings I am having about it. 


  1. Going to try this! I used Paula Dean's recipe a few weeks ago and was very disappointed! :(

    1. It is so good - you won't be disappointed! Thank you so much for reading Bama! XO, Gracie