With Style and a Little Grace: Friday Five

Friday Five

- sending out Birthday cards to all my August Birthday loves

- new leopard scarf and pumps that I got at an insanely cheap price

- the most perfect ear cuffs for $5 

- finally backing up my computer after the crash last year - the unglamorous side of blogging ;) 

- dark chocolate almonds that I have been snacking on all week - addicted! 

Happy Friday Friends! It has been a busy week and I am really looking forward to a very low-key weekend. I am thinking about renting The Longest Ride and catching up on tons of trashy television. 

I am still super addicted to Snapchat: Gracie Johnston and would love for y'all to follow along! In random news I finished The Red Queen and highly recommend it -so good, I'm going to do a book review on it soon! The only issue is that the next book in the series doesn't come out until February so epic fail on that front. 

What are you loving this week? Thank y'all so much for reading! 

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