With Style and a Little Grace: Dreams can become Reality

Dreams can become Reality

the view from my in-laws house on Fowl River  
Inspiration and Dreaming about the future is what gives us drive each day. I for one love to make goals for the future and when I see that goal come into fruition it is truly one of the best feelings of accomplishment ever. It gives me reason to push myself, to become a better me and to strive to make my life exactly what I imagine. I am constantly dreaming about trips for Henry and I to take and what our future children will look like, dark curly hair and brown/green eyes- sometimes I have to take a step back and live in the present but dreaming is always fun and there is always Pinterest.

Sometimes inspiration strikes me in the middle of a random Tuesday or I can feel very uninspired and a bit lack-luster about myself - we have all been there right? My dreams are never going to come true, it's seriously NEVER going to happen. I'm a total failure - why did I go to college. I don't think anyone could ever say things as harshly to me as I can to myself. We are our own worst critic. Usually around that time prayer, meditation, and visualization can really help get me back into a clear head space.

The key is to always be able to dream. Don't crush your own dreams. Even on your worst day, in the middle of the worst crisis ever, take a step back, take a breathe, and realize that things take time. Take a look at what you have accomplished and how much closer you are to your goals. Make your ultimate dream list! These goals may seem extremely far off and totally unobtainable at the moment but just think how great it will feel when you check that completely crazy goal off your dream list! Amazing right?

For my big goals I give myself a time frame of accomplishment but on my ultimate dream list there is a bit longer time frame since these dreams are a bit loftier. Become a blogger full time, write a novel or young adult fiction. Just to name a few lofty dreams of mine.

What is something you dream of doing? I would love to know!

Your dreams will become reality as long as you believe in yourself.


  1. Wouldn't a full-time blogger gig be the best?? I'd just love to work for myself full-time – in whatever capacity that looks like. I feel like I function better that way! Loved this post, Gracie. You're so talented and will totally attain those goals!!

    Annie Reeves

    1. It would be the ultimate - me too! Thank you so much Annie! Your the best! Your blog is fabulous too and I totally think we can make it happen! Thanks for reading lady and commenting! It means a lot to me! :) XO,