With Style and a Little Grace: Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

With my parents at my Blount Freshman Orientation at Alabama 04 

I never really dealt with anxiety until I went to college, up until that point I really felt pretty comfortable in my own skin. I think it has to do with the small town I grew up in and the tight knit family unit that I had with tons of support. When I went to college I just don't think I was aware how different things would be - lots of change all at once. 

My anxiety didn't really start until around my sophomore year of college. I had gained more than the freshman 15 and was just starting to feel a little lost - there was no real routine to my life. I had my first panic attack at the grocery store in Tuscaloosa - I remember calling my mom in a panic because I couldn't breathe in the pasta aisle. It was awful and I went through several months of dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. 

I don't have nearly as much anxiety in my life these days as I did then and I think it has so much to do with the structure of my life and learning to deal with those anxious feelings. 

Looking back I can pinpoint the different triggers for my anxiety and why I was feeling that way at that point in my life. I am absolutely no Doctor but I thought I would give you my tips on how I deal if I feel a little anxiety coming on. I know that I am not alone in dealing with anxiety and think it is so important to share. 

My Tips on Dealing with Anxiety 

Exercise - Working out for even just thirty minutes, 3 times a week will change your outlook on anything. If I am ever feeling just a little bit anxious, I go for a run - unplug and listen to my music and I can physically feel myself relax. It is not just good for  you physically but huge for you mentally. 

Get Out of Your Head - the minute I start to feel a panic attack coming on my initial reaction is to freak out and this just fuels the panic. Take a minute and breathe. Call someone and talk to them about how you are feeling. Watch a television show or read a book - really anything that will get you out of your own head. 

Get Enough Sleep - Lack of sleep can definitely contribute to stress and anxiety. Make sure that you are getting your 8 hours a night.

Plan your Life - Plan your day, your month, your year. Buy a planner that you love and write it all down. That feeling of control really helps with my anxiety. I find that having a routine and a schedule is so helpful. Plan ahead - this leaves little room for anxiety about upcoming events. 

Spiritual Life - Whether this is going to church on Sunday or spending an hour meditating once a week - find that balance that is right for you. You will feel so much better after I swear.

Spend time with Friends and Family -  Go to the movies, hang out in the park, do something fun. It always helps to be around your favorite people. 

Eat Right - Putting good nutrients into your body is important for your mental and physical health. Don't drink too much - being hungover is a recipe for an anxiety attack. Studies have linked Vitamin B with good mental health and Omega 3s with reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Getting enough Vitamin D is also linked to reducing anxiety. 

I really hope that these tips help - please let me know if y'all enjoy these types of posts! 

Thank you so much for reading! 


  1. I adore your spirit and your passion for all things good!

    1. Thank you so much Carole, you are too sweet! Thank you also for reading! XO, Gracie

  2. Love this post! I personally have struggled with anxiety at different points in my life – I think it's far more common than we realize. Thanks so much for sharing these tips!

    Annie Reeves

    1. Thanks Annie!!! I totally agree - anytime girl! Hope your trip was fab! XO, Gracie

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks girl and thank you for reading! XO,

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