With Style and a Little Grace: 5 Pajama Styles to Own

5 Pajama Styles to Own

My love of great pajamas is pretty strong and when I became a grown-up - a transition that is still happening. I chucked all of my sorority t-shirts and started to grow a fun collection of pajamas because ladies we can still look cute while we sleep no? 

The coziest of them all and perfect to bring in the chill of Fall 

So perfect for the hot summer months and the silk material is so soft on your skin. That material is great for the winter pajamas too in the long sleeves/pants. I like to have two of each cotton and silk. You can never have enough fabulous sleepwear! 

The softest and most comfortable material - just sexy enough but totally comfortable to sleep in. 

So comfortable and adorable at the same time. I love a good sleepshirt. 

A pretty satin nightie and robe 

Hi Ladies - I am back to a normal posting schedule after a totally INSANE week trying to get back into the swing of things. Between the mountains of laundry and the never ending to-do list I felt like I would seriously never catch up. I even missed an event, which never happens because I totally forgot and wrote down the wrong date - losing my mind. 

We also finally pulled the trigger and bought a new car this weekend. I am so so excited! We went with a mid-size SUV because we wanted something a bit bigger and it is my first SUV so I wanted something that would be an easy transition to a bigger car, since we will probably get something even bigger in the future. HELLO Minivan - jk jk but for real those things do have tons of amenities. Just roll out all 12 of my kids - you think I'm joking. ;)

If you haven't shopped the #Nsale be sure to check out my picks here and here, it ends tomorrow and the deals are just stupid good. Also the giveaway winner is live on the widget here- congrats Laura H! 

Lots of fun posts planned for August plus it is my Birthday month - 30 and flirty and thriving! So it is obviously one of my favorite months! 

Thank y'all so much for reading, last month was one of the best ones my little blog has ever had and I just want to say how grateful I am that you stop by and hang out with me! 

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