With Style and a Little Grace: August 2015

6 Items for Fall ( If Money were no Object)

The perfect shoulder bag
What could be better than a gorgeous soft cashmere cardigan and it is leopard print
The most gorgeous riding boots of all time
Wide leg denim is back big time this Fall and this distressed pair is perfect
The perfect leopard pumps
The most perfect winter coat and it comes in so many fabulous colors!
It's still Monday so I am coming at y'all with a little dream wish-list to get you through your afternoon slump! These are the items I would absolutely be purchasing for the Fall if money were no object. Obviously right now I am a girl on a budget so I have to take my splurges one goodie at a time ;)
What are you loving that is totally out of your price range? A girl can dream right? As my husband says champagne taste on a beer budget!

Down South

dress similar here, here and here | pumps | bag | necklace seaside market similar here and here | earrings | sunnies 

Happy Monday Loves! It's the last day of August and after this week Summer will officially be over - enter sad face here. Ok - we had a fun Summer but I am not going to lie this girl LOVES Fall. Plaid, cable knit sweaters, cardis, pumpkin spice lattes oh my! Bring it Fall 2015! I wore this dress on Sunday to Mass and then to Sunday Brunch with the hubs and it's one of my favorites. Such an easy day dress for a shower or a party - very Southern. A well structured fit and flare dress will take you to almost any event looking totally put together. 

What are you most looking forward to this Fall? I have rounded up all my must haves here if you missed them. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Mini Birthday Haul

Happy Sunday y'all! We had the most relaxed weekend - which we topped off today with Mass, then Sunday Brunch downtown and a trip to Costco. Oh the things we look forward to when we get older - wouldn't change a thing. Also, I am kind of OBSESSED with Costco. Today I thought I would show you a few of my Birthday goodies that my amazing friends and family gave me. I have been building up my coffee table book collection and I am so excited to add these beauties into the mix. The gorgeous necklace is from Golden Griffin in Huntsville, Al and I can't wait to wear it. 

My adorable husband got me a facial, massage, and manicure that is scheduled for next weekend and I can't wait. I haven't had one in ages and he knew it was something I really wanted. He also got me the J.Crew excursion vest that I have been dreaming about. I feel like I will be living in it this Fall/Winter season. 

I have a few home goods I might be purchasing but I haven't decided to pull the trigger yet. I had the most amazing Birthday and I am so thankful for my friends and family who make my life so full of love every single day. 

Happy Sunday y'all! Thank you so much for reading! 

Friday Four

- totally overwhelmed with all of the kind words and love I received from all my friends and family on my Birthday - it was a perfect day!

- chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing for my Birthday celebration 

- lunch at Liquid yesterday to continue the Birthday celebrations - so delicious

- beautiful Birthday blooms to greet us when we come home 

TGIF y'all! I hope you had an amazing week - mine was one for the record books. I am sad to see my Birthday week go but I am so excited for the year ahead and everything that 30 is going to bring. 

Thank you so much for all the love and well wishes I received on my Birthday - it truly meant the world to me! I will be doing a fun Birthday Haul post this weekend - I'm totally nosy and I love to see what other people are loving and getting so I thought it would be a fun post. 

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Weekend! 

Fall Style - Lotus Boutique

Happy Thursday Loves! I had truly the most amazing Birthday and I just want to thank everyone for all the Birthday wishes - I feel so truly blessed and I had the most amazing day.

 Today I wanted to bring you one of my favorite shops in Mobile  - Lotus Boutique . They have some adorable and on-trend looks for  Fall and as a girl on a budget you know I love their price points! I have this shift dress on my wish-list - super cute with a light jacket and booties. I would also live in this black and white beauty!

Can you say OBSESSED! They have just launched a Fall Style post on their site - head on over there to see their top Fall Trends! 

Happy Thursday Loves - it's almost the weekend!!! 

Thank you so so much for reading! I am so excited for all the upcoming Fall posts I have been planning - I might have splurged on this vest for my Birthday! Loving all the Fall clothing! 

Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

I'm THIRTY!!!!! Seeing as today is my Birthday - I think the post title is just perfect! The FallISH weather that we are having might be the greatest Birthday gift ever. The weather is so gorgeous and I am hoping it will stay around. This buffalo check top is probably one of my favorites for the season and I can't wait to layer it with my vest when it gets a little chillier. I am loving my new Forever 21 pumps that look much more expensive than their $25 price tag. #bitchesonabudget #hatersgonnahate ;)

top | jeans | pumps | bag | necklace similar here | sunnies | bracelets assorted 

Henry and I plan on celebrating my Birthday this weekend - starting with my much needed haircut and color on Friday afternoon. I can't wait!! 

Thank y'all so much for reading! 

Blogging: My Tips and Tricks

I have been a blogger since June 2012 and it is bananas to think that I have been blogging for 3 years and some change. I really can't imagine not blogging - as crazy as that sounds it is such a big part of my life. I love the community that i have formed and sharing with y'all. 

I would say that the blog has really started to become what I want it to be this past year. I have started to really form a view of where I want it to go and I have become very very proud of the content. I am sharing so much more original content and I just can't tell you how happy I am with the direction it is going. 

As a blogger I know that I am always looking for other bloggers top tips and tricks of the trade and today I thought I would round up the ones that I really wish I had known when I first started out. Now I am seriously still learning every single day but I think these are great tips if you are just starting out or have been blogging for some time and just aren't seeing your blog go in the direction you want it to. 


1.) INVEST IN A DSLR CAMERA  PHOTOS MATTER- This is the big one y'all - photography matters and for as long as I tried to make due without it - the quality just wasn't goo enough. My photos were grainy and not very pretty to look at. So start your DSLR fund now, ask for one for your Birthday or Christmas. Clean, clear, and beautiful pictures make a world of difference. Everyone wants to see pinterest worthy pics. 

2.) DESIGN YOUR BLOG OR HAVE SOMEONE DESIGN IT FOR YOU - Stephanie Gimlin of How Sweet Designs did mine and I am obsessed with her work. I told her my vision and she brought it to life. Make sure it is different and you stand out but that it has clean lines, large photos, and is easy to access with all of your social media in a prominent position. Look to your favorite sites for inspiration

3.) JOIN A BLOG COMMUNITY - Such as Southern Blog Society and Alabama Women Bloggers - great groups of bloggers who will not only inspire you but help you with all of your blogging questions. Also some of the blog societies will help you connect with different brands for collaboration and projects.

4.) SOCIAL MEDIA ALL DAY ERRDAY - You need to pin, tweet, instagram, snapchat, and facebook the fire out of your posts old and new. If people missed a post they will catch them on one of your social media outlets. Hootsuite is my go-to for prescheduling posts.

5.) COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF GOOD BLOGGING - Don't compare yourself to every single blog out there - I really struggled with this in the beginning. You are not going to be as good as those bloggers who have been doing it for years right off the bat - do the best you can with what you have right now and you will improve. Just keep blogging and you WILL find your voice and the niche that is right for you. It takes lots of time and effort - don't give up. 

6.) POST CONSISTENTLY - This one was really hard for me in the beginning. If you want your blog to grow you need to have a set routine of posts - the more you are posting the better. There is nothing worse than checking your favorite blog only to see that they haven't posted anything new for the day. I would say try to post at least 5 days a week and make sure they all go up at the same time every day. 

7.) NETWORK WITH FELLOW BLOGGERS - Make blog friends, comment on blogs that you love, e-mail and ask if people want to do a collaboration. Host a joint giveaway or do a get to know you on another bloggers site. I have made some great friends through blogging and reaching out.

8.) PLAN YOUR POSTS - Have all your blog posts planned out in advance in your planner with bullets of what needs to happen before those posts go live - carve out time to work on your posts or take photos. Planning in advance saves you from those freak outs the night before because you have nothing to put on your blog. Let me tell you I have learned - if you don't put the effort into the post - it shows.

One of the big things I read when I was researching in the beginning was when you put up a post - would you be proud for someone to see that as the first post that represents you and your blog? If not just don't put it up. 

I didn't really dive into monetizing your blog in this post - if y'all are interested I would dedicate a whole blog post to the many things I have learned and am still learning about turning your blog into a profitable business. 

Thank y'all so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this type of post! 

Grecian Vibes

I have talked on here before about my "wardrobe must haves" list that I am constantly looking to and trying to add to my closet staples to have a well rounded wardrobe. A perfect black maxi was on the list - one of those great basics that is perfect in the summer and can transition into Fall with a great leather jacket and booties. I love the lines of this one and the cut of the fabric. It feels very grecian to me. 

I found this version on Amazon and I highly recommend searching on there and Ebay for  simples basics that you need. There are always so many great options and the prices are great for the girl on a budget - which I totally am - for real! 

maxi dress | rockstud sandals lulus SOLD OUT similar here | clutch | rayban aviators | monogram necklace | ear cuffs | cuff vintage similar here | nail polish Trust Fund -Elegantly Wasted 

It's my Birthday week! Are y'all tired of hearing me talk about my Birthday yet? Check out my B-day wishes here . I am totally one of those obnoxious Birthday people and I feel like 30 seriously deserves some attention - am I right? I can't believe I am going to be thirty! I haven't freaked out about it yet but the week is young. I do have a slight flair for the dramatic - feel a little sorry for my husband who deals with it on a daily basis hehe! 

I hope y'all have a great week! Thank you so much for reading! 

Sunday Stock // 10

Flower shopping last week 

Sunday Stock 

Making: my new favorite overnight oats recipe for my morning breakfast - it's so good y'all! 

Drinking: water with lemon 

Reading: just finished The Red Queen check out my review here - so so good  and I just started Allegiant the last book in the Divergent series. 

Wanting: Fall to be here but really just to enjoy my Birthday week - I mean hello 30!

Watching: still BIP ( Bachelor in Paradise ) I can't look away y'all! Also really loved Astronaut wives this summer and I am still OBSESSED with watching Gilmore Girls and Dawsons Creek reruns. Really all my other shows have fizzed out until Fall TV starts next month - can't wait!

Listening To: my Le Mis album on repeat - love me some show tunes

Smelling: Pumpkin Pie Scentsy - I caved and they were the only smells I had left - It smells like Fall in my house and I love it! 

Wishing: that I could get up earlier in the mornings - it is a constant struggle that I am always working on

Enjoying: our last super lazy weekend before the busy Fall football weekends kick into high gear

Learning: more and more about blogging - thinking about doing a full post on all my bloggging tips and tricks that I have learned so far - would y'all be into that?

Loving: Still OBSESSED with Snapchat - Gracie Johnston - snap me for lots of daily life and fun snippets

In case you missed it last week:

I hope y'all had a great weekend - it's my Birthday week!! 

Domino: The Book of Decorating Giveaway

Happy Saturday Friends! I am so excited because I have decided to start my 30th Birthday week off with a bang and do a fun giveaway here on the blog! Technically it doesn't start until tomorrow but lets get real I could celebrate it all month. 

Domino: The Book of Decorating is currently my favorite coffee table book and I know y'all will love it too. It is so well done and the images are gorgeous. I am giving away one copy to one of y'all! Just follow the guidelines in the Rafflecopter below. You have until the 30th to enter to win. 

Good Luck y'all and thank you for reading! 

Book Review: The Red Queen

I still haven't finished All the Light We Cannot See - even though the book is so good I just couldn't get into it the last few weeks. I decided to go ahead and get The Red Queen on my kindle and see if something a little lighter might be just what I needed. Y'all I could not put this book down. It is so addicting and you know I love a good dystopian novel. 

This is the story of Mare Barrow a 17 year old common red girl who suddenly awakens her magical powers that no reds have ever had. She is swept up into the palace and the world of the silvers. Their world is divided by blood, red common blood and silver is the elite and magical. Suddenly the King is forcing her to pretend to be a silver princess betrothed to his son to cover up the fact that she is a red with powers. The country is on the brink of upheaval and she is risking everything to help the rebels. Who will win in the end?

It is so good I devoured it in 24 hours. The only thing that sucks is that the next one doesn't come out until February 2016. Don't let that stop you - it's such a fun read! 

What are you currently reading? 

Friday Five

- sending out Birthday cards to all my August Birthday loves

- new leopard scarf and pumps that I got at an insanely cheap price

- the most perfect ear cuffs for $5 

- finally backing up my computer after the crash last year - the unglamorous side of blogging ;) 

- dark chocolate almonds that I have been snacking on all week - addicted! 

Happy Friday Friends! It has been a busy week and I am really looking forward to a very low-key weekend. I am thinking about renting The Longest Ride and catching up on tons of trashy television. 

I am still super addicted to Snapchat: Gracie Johnston and would love for y'all to follow along! In random news I finished The Red Queen and highly recommend it -so good, I'm going to do a book review on it soon! The only issue is that the next book in the series doesn't come out until February so epic fail on that front. 

What are you loving this week? Thank y'all so much for reading! 

Dealing with Anxiety

With my parents at my Blount Freshman Orientation at Alabama 04 

I never really dealt with anxiety until I went to college, up until that point I really felt pretty comfortable in my own skin. I think it has to do with the small town I grew up in and the tight knit family unit that I had with tons of support. When I went to college I just don't think I was aware how different things would be - lots of change all at once. 

My anxiety didn't really start until around my sophomore year of college. I had gained more than the freshman 15 and was just starting to feel a little lost - there was no real routine to my life. I had my first panic attack at the grocery store in Tuscaloosa - I remember calling my mom in a panic because I couldn't breathe in the pasta aisle. It was awful and I went through several months of dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. 

I don't have nearly as much anxiety in my life these days as I did then and I think it has so much to do with the structure of my life and learning to deal with those anxious feelings. 

Looking back I can pinpoint the different triggers for my anxiety and why I was feeling that way at that point in my life. I am absolutely no Doctor but I thought I would give you my tips on how I deal if I feel a little anxiety coming on. I know that I am not alone in dealing with anxiety and think it is so important to share. 

My Tips on Dealing with Anxiety 

Exercise - Working out for even just thirty minutes, 3 times a week will change your outlook on anything. If I am ever feeling just a little bit anxious, I go for a run - unplug and listen to my music and I can physically feel myself relax. It is not just good for  you physically but huge for you mentally. 

Get Out of Your Head - the minute I start to feel a panic attack coming on my initial reaction is to freak out and this just fuels the panic. Take a minute and breathe. Call someone and talk to them about how you are feeling. Watch a television show or read a book - really anything that will get you out of your own head. 

Get Enough Sleep - Lack of sleep can definitely contribute to stress and anxiety. Make sure that you are getting your 8 hours a night.

Plan your Life - Plan your day, your month, your year. Buy a planner that you love and write it all down. That feeling of control really helps with my anxiety. I find that having a routine and a schedule is so helpful. Plan ahead - this leaves little room for anxiety about upcoming events. 

Spiritual Life - Whether this is going to church on Sunday or spending an hour meditating once a week - find that balance that is right for you. You will feel so much better after I swear.

Spend time with Friends and Family -  Go to the movies, hang out in the park, do something fun. It always helps to be around your favorite people. 

Eat Right - Putting good nutrients into your body is important for your mental and physical health. Don't drink too much - being hungover is a recipe for an anxiety attack. Studies have linked Vitamin B with good mental health and Omega 3s with reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Getting enough Vitamin D is also linked to reducing anxiety. 

I really hope that these tips help - please let me know if y'all enjoy these types of posts! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Currently Craving - Back To School

Back to School is here and as usual it get's me so excited for a new season. I miss those back to school days when my mom would take me shopping for a brand new wardrobe. We would trek it to Nashville for the best shopping and it was so much fun. I wish my mom would come to Mobile and take me pretend back to school shopping haha, no but for real! 

Though I no longer go back to school, it is still the best time to stock up on amazing basics for Fall and for a few trendier items to try out.  The changing of the seasons is always the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and give it a little refresh and maybe a few new faces added into your closet ;) 

Staples you definitely need in your closet for Fall include a cute pair of tie up ballet flats, distressed denim, the perfect t-shirt, and as always a chambray shirt. I have rounded up most of my favorites for y'all! 

What are you loving for Fall? Happy Hump-day y'all! 

Strawberry and Banana Overnight Oats

Recently I have been trying out different healthy breakfast options that I can make ahead and pack to take to work in the mornings. If I don't pre-make and plan ahead I have been known to skip breakfast and by the time lunch rolls around I am STARVING! I love oatmeal and I have heard people raving about overnight oats. It is so easy to make these ahead on Sundays and have them ready to go for the week. 

Let me just say that right now this is my FAVORITE breakfast option. So tasty and filling. You can have them hot or cold - I really like them cold. Add in any fruit you want and your ready for your week! 




2 CUPS MILK  ( I used almond milk and you can add to the consistency you like )






If you make them let me know - they are so good y'all! 

Thank you so much for reading!