With Style and a Little Grace: How I stay motivated

How I stay motivated

Do you ever have those tough days when you just can't get motivated? Your positive vibes are dwindling and your can-do attitude seems to have been left in your cute dress you wore yesterday? I think we can all get this way every now and then and I find that these little habits help me every single day but even more so on those days lacking serious motivation. 


Goal setting has always been a huge motivation for me. I make a list of the goals I want to achieve and put them on our refrigerator where I have to see them every single day. When I accomplish a goal, I check it off the list and find a little way to celebrate that victory. 

Make a list of the top tasks you want to tackle that day so you are not overwhelmed. List them in order of importance and know that the minor tasks can always be carried over to the next day.

Reflection  and Gratitude - take 10 minutes every night to reflect on your day and be grateful for the amazing things you do have in your life. Get a daily devotional and read it - mine is always just what I need 


Start your day with a quick walk or a run - pump out your favorite music. This always helps get me out of a funk. 

Drink water and hydrate. Starting your day in a healthy way is so important.

Get to bed. Getting enough sleep can be a huge factor as to how you feel the next day. Make sure you are taking care of your body.


Rearrange you desk or work space - a little revamp is always helpful to get those creative juices flowing. 

Clean out a small space in your home that you have wanted to tackle. I know tasks like this always help me when I am feeling overwhelmed. 


Take time each day to let your mind relax- read a book, watch your favorite show, take a bath - just unwind. It is so good for you to just relax and refocus. 

Take a creative class - something totally different that you have always wanted to do.

Get lost on pinterest for a little while - I find this very soothing! 

What are your favorite ways to keep motivated, I would love to know! Also this photo is from my beach trip last year and how perfect that it was today's date? 

Happy Thursday and Thank you so much for reading! 

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