With Style and a Little Grace: Delilah - Love Someone Tonight

Delilah - Love Someone Tonight

To my dismay, when I moved in with Henry we did not have a cable outlet for a television in our kitchen, a luxury I had grown up accustomed to - I know I was spoiled. We still do not have one so every night when I come home from work and start to make dinner I turn on my little radio that has a home on our kitchen counter and the sounds of 99.9 easy FM and Delilahs smoky voice fill the room.

Growing up, if my mom and I were road tripping and it was night time you bet we were listening to Delilah.

I know that at some point every single one of you has listened to her - she is like the wacky Aunt that tells it like it is even when your not ready to hear it. I love LOVE listening to her advice, but more so I live for the songs she picks for each person because they are always PERFECT. The perfect ballad for the heart broken teen dealing with their first tragic break up and a slow love song for the sweet couple celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss. Sometimes it gives me a good laugh at the absurdity of the person who called - do they really think that - oh yeah Delilah is going to tell them haha! 

No matter what your heart ache Delilah always has the perfect sage advice and a song that speaks to your heart. She is one of the reasons I still love radio and all the mystery it has to offer. So now at night I don't miss the TV so much, I listen to the stories of all those folks over the radio and sing along/make my husband dance with me to embarrassingly cheesy slow jams. 

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