With Style and a Little Grace: Airplane Essentials

Airplane Essentials

Since Henry and I are about to be traveling a bunch the next couple of weeks I thought I might put together our airplane essentials. Traveling is one of our absolute favorites things to do and I have to say we are finally getting our essentials down to a science. It always takes a little trial and error to get everything you and your partner need while on the go. I definitely have a few travel items I can't live without and some things that we definitely want to get. What are your must have travel essentials? These are ours. 


If I am going on a beach vacation I usually use my beach bag as my carry-on and then fill it with my purse and other smaller bags for all my little items. For long trips we have our small rolling suitcase. If it is a short trip usually my LongChamp bag will hold all my necessities. I really want the big version of it for a little more room. 


Ipad - I honestly don't know what we did before our ipad. I always makes sure to download a few movies before our trips. It entertains Henry the whole way. Henry definitely hogs it so I would like to get one for just me soon. 

Kindle - I love my kindle. Same as the ipad I make sure I have some new books to read. taking recommendations.

IPhone 5S - Obviously my phone is a must - I am so ready for an upgrade.

Headphones  - I really want to get some noise canceling headphones but for now the iphone ones work just fine. 

Splitter (not pictured) - This is one of the best tech accessories we have ever purchased. We can hook up both of our headphones and watch our movies together. 


Scarf  - perfect for those freezing cold flights - in the winter I usually make sure to bring socks. 

Snacks  - for my sweet hubby who can get a little hangry when traveling. 

Kleenex - for blowing your nose or wiping anything off. 

Hand Lotion - my skin gets really dry when flying so I make sure to have a great thick lotion. 

Vaseline - for my lips or any dry skin. This creme brulee flavor is so good. 

Eye Drops - for dry eyes

Hairbrush - necessary to fix your hair after sleeping on your flight. 

Hand Sanitizer  - because ewwww.

Tea - I love to have my favorites tea bags so you can ask for water and have your favorite in-flight. 

Wet Ones - again because ewww I like to clean everything. 

Advil/Benadryl - Necessities always when traveling especially if my allergies act up. 

Floss - because it is never fun to have something in your teeth and not have anything to get it out. 

What are your travel essentials? I would love to know - thank you for reading!! Happy Monday - I hope y'all had a wonderful 4th! 



  1. great list! I recently downloaded the free PackPoint app, so I was able to go in and and a few of these forgotten items to my list for my upcoming trip.

    1. Awesome - I will definitely check it out! Thanks for reading Angela!