With Style and a Little Grace: Two Year Anniversary

Two Year Anniversary

To my husband,
We have been married two years - can you believe it? Time is flying by! I feel so blessed every single day to have you by my side.  I love the life that we are creating together and the memories we are making. You are truly my best friend! Thank you for having such a big heart and thank you for making me feel so blessed and lucky every single day. There is no one in the world I would rather laugh or cry with. These two years have been amazing!  The Lord has truly blessed us!
Cheers to many many more years!
PS We are due for a new photo session
More Wedding photos here, here, and here


  1. Happy, happy Anniversary! Hope you are celebrating!! xx

    Annie Reeves

    1. Thanks Annie! We definitely ate a sushi feast last night in celebration! XO,

  2. Sounds like you spent fantastic two years together. I wish you the good luck for your future too. You know dear three years ago I also tied the knot with my love of life at a gorgeous Malibu wedding venue. In the next month we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. It’s just gonna be a great day!

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