With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // Part 4

Sunday Stock // Part 4

Sunday Stock 

Making: the best local gumbo - seen above, peach cobbler, caprese salad coming to the blog next week - also fresh tomato sandwiches 

Drinking: tazo passion fruit iced tea - found it at target last week and it is so good - also the rose above is delicious and only around $12

Reading: still the nightingale by kristin hannah - I haven't picked it up in two weeks - have to get back to it

Wanting: to play in the sun all day every single day

Watching: younger on tv land it is so good - PLL and game of thrones - really looking forward to astronaut wives in a few weeks

Listening to: my summer playlist on repeat 

Eating: fresh watermelon, chicken salad, and tates cookies

Smelling: coconut candle from tj maxx

Wishing: I could figure out all of my camera settings without feeling like a total idiot 

Enjoying: all the fresh fruits and veggies especially tomatoes 

Loving: entourage so much again - we went and saw the movie last night and it was everything we wanted it to be

Needing to: order some new flipflops preferably these

Wearing: this top on repeat 

Heres to a fabulous week! 

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