With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 07

Sunday Stock // 07

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Sunday Stock

Making: buttercream 4th of july cupcakes - yum yum coming this week

Drinking: lemonade and sweet tea with lemon + tons of water gotta stay hydrated y'all

Reading: The Andy Cohen Diaries - yes I finally finished The Nightingale - great book but I did have a hard time getting into it. Andy Cohen is hilarious, I will finish this one really quickly. Slowly checking off that summer reading list - I might do an updated list with everything I read at the end of the summer - would y'all want to see that? 

Wanting: 4th of July weekend to be here already

Watching: all my usual shows plus True Detective and Ballers on HBO they are both great so far - loving PLL last week - I feel like we are finally getting answers. I also kind of started watching The Whispers but can't decide if I want to commit.

Listening to: James Taylor Greatest Hits * one of my favorite cds ever - have y'all listened to his new stuff yet? and Selena Gomez's new song Good for You 

Eating: watermelon, pickled cucumbers, and fresh tomato sandwiches on repeat 

Smelling: Blueberry cheesecake Scentsy - I really want some new candles but I am on a saving spree right now

Wishing: I didn't have a sunburn but I am excited about having a little color on my skin

Enjoying: rainy afternoons 

Learning: more about photography and how to work our camera - I think that is the next class I will take

Loving: long summer days 

Wearing: my rocksbox jewels on repeat

Favorite blogpost of the week: this gorgeous post from Classy Girls wear Pearls - so festive for the 4th! 

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Sunday and here's to a short week! 

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