With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 06

Sunday Stock // 06

Sunday Stock  

Making: strawberry butter for Father's Day - recipe this week one of my favorites

Drinking: tons of water with lemon and sweet tea

Reading: almost finished with The Nightingale (finally y'all) and started All the Light you Cannot See

Wanting: another day at dauphin island - we had such a blast saturday and I could eat a million more island breeze snowcones * photo above

Watching: same as last week  plus true detective starts back tonight - anyone else watch it? 

Listening to: 100.7 this semi new local station that plays the best music

Eating: fresh tomatoes, apples, and cold sandwiches

Wearing: my new tassel bracelet on repeat

Loving: our new work-out routine - Henry and I  have started running together in the evenings and I am really enjoying doing this together 

Hating: how hot it is in our house right now - like I have said all week we are relaxing in the dark

Dreaming: of our upcoming trip to virginia and our cruise to the bahamas next month plus a fun 4th of july on the river - also I had a weird actual dream that I could turn into different animals last night

Have to Buy: there jack rogers have been on my wish-list for years - the perfect summer flip-flop

Hope y'all are having an amazing Sunday and thank you so much for reading! 

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