With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 05

Sunday Stock // 05

Sunday Stock 

Making: cold pasta salad for lunch - recipe this week on the blog

Drinking: English breakfast tea and coffee in the afternoons - a new caffeine pick me up habit that I might need to break 

Reading: The Nightingale - I know I have got to do better but I am having a really hard time getting into it

Wanting: to do lots of projects recently and to organize everything 

Watching: Gilmore Girls reruns, PLL, Real housewives of OC, Game of Thrones finale tonight, Secrets and Wives, Real housewives of NY, Stitches ( not super into this one), Unreal - pretty good, and super excited that ABC fam is bringing back Dawsons creek and Buffy June 21st - this is why I have no time to read - too much trashy tv watching

Listening to: French music specifically La Mer - it is very soothing and I love it. Would love your recommendations

Eating: tates chocolate chip cookies, grapes, and apples

Smelling: skinny dippin by scentsy 

Wishing: there was more time in a day - I feel like I have so much I want to do and never enough time

Enjoying: the long days

Learning: how to sew - I started my sewing classes last week and I officially know how to hem things now. This week we start learning how to use our machine so much fun 

Loving: movie dates with Henry - we saw Jurassic world this weekend and it was so much fun. Such a fun summer blockbuster - I mean who doesn't love dinosaurs

Needing to: work on different areas around our home - my little desk area is slowly coming together ( photo above) but it takes time and money to slowly curate all the items you want and the things you want to change. It is a slow process

Wearing: my favorite j.crew sandals 

Cheers to the week! 

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