With Style and a Little Grace: Summer Playlist Volume 1

Summer Playlist Volume 1

Let the sounds of Summer wash over you because that's right I made you a playlist! Obviously no one makes amazing mix cds anymore but you can make an amazing playlist on your itunes. Pause for a second - let's talk about when mix cds were a thing and people would make them for each other - good times y'all good times. #early2000s Now let me preface this by saying my taste in music is not very high brow - I tend towards todays hit music, oldies, beach music, and Sinatra. Give me Frank any day. I like country too - I really dabble my toes in a little bit of everything. 

Songs can evoke distinct memories of a place or a time in your life and there are just those quintessential summer songs that are perfect for rolling the windows down and enjoying the gorgeous summer sunset. I vividly remember a full summer when all I wanted to listen to was James Taylor and Maggie May by Rod Stewart on repeat. I couldn't fit all of my favorites into one volume so volume 2 will be coming and Henry's jams might happen too because he thinks his fancy pants songs are AMAZING! 

Mix tape graphics by me * enjoy my terrible handwriting in all its glory - disregard how I left the g off warning ;)

What are your go-to summer jams? I would love to add them to my new summer playlist! 
Happy Wednesday and Thank you so much for reading! 


  1. I love Shwayze's Corona and Lime - so beachy! Jack & Diane and Strawberry Wine are two of my favorite songs everrrrrr. Great picks :)

    1. Oh thats a good one! I know I could listen to Deanna Carter on repeat! Thanks Lady XO