With Style and a Little Grace: Salami and Mozzarella Pasta Salad

Salami and Mozzarella Pasta Salad

It is officially HOT in Mobile - yesterday they said it felt like 105 and my car felt like an oven roasting me all the way to and from work. Henry and I have been sitting in the dark in our house because it is like a sauna - you might say I am being dramatic but it's hot y'all and I am a little dramatic ;) ! In this kind of weather, I don't really crave much and my appetite is not huge. I was thinking about things that Henry and I might enjoy to eat for lunch throughout the week and I thought a cold pasta salad might be perfect. 

I made this one out of ingredients we had at home and it turned out great so I thought I would share. 

1 bag of rotini pasta 
1 serving fresh mozzarella cubed
10 pieces of salami chopped
1/2 a red bell pepper chopped
1 can black olives
italian dressing - to taste 

Mix together and put in the refrigerator to chill 

Such a simple and easy pasta salad to snack on all week long! I would probably add some grape tomatoes if I had them on hand. What is your favorite food during the hot summer months? 

Have a great day and thank you so much for reading! 

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