With Style and a Little Grace: Pink Gingham

Pink Gingham

Monday oh Monday you sure do know how to sneak up on a gal! Super sad our weekend is over -  not much to report, but we had a good time wondering around the new Costco, having dinner with friends, and seeing Entourage on Saturday night. A very fun low-key one. I wore this look on Saturday for all of our running around and I am officially in love with my new J.Crew purchases. These flats are so cute and I love the silver, I feel like it dresses every outfit up a little bit. 

Obviously there wasn't a baseball game happening during the photos but this would definitely be a great look for a day at the park.

Also I binge watched all of the younger episodes yesterday and it is my new favorite show - its on tv land - have y'all watched it? So hysterical. 

Hope you have an amazing week and thank you so much for reading! 


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