With Style and a Little Grace: Coffee Confessions

Coffee Confessions

My girlfriends and I always used to have coffee confessions in college the Saturday after we all went out on the town and it was always my favorite part of the weekend. We still do this when we get together but now we are up earlier and it usually follows a nice dinner out and wine on the porch together. #thisis30andIlikeit . I thought it would be fun to incorporate this post on Saturdays with all my confessions/favorites throughout the week. 

I confess that Henry and I have been sitting in the dark in our house all week because it is so hot outside. I am very weary of what July/August is going to be like. 

I confess that we upgraded our DIRECTV box on Friday so now we can record like 5 things at once and they had to delete everything I had recorded. I had a mild panic attack and realized that my tv addiction has reached an all time high. 

I confess we rented the Seventh Son Thursday night and it was pretty cute. Jeff Bridges had a super weird accent. He is Henrys man crush. 

The most gorgeous fringe earrings that I want to have in life ASAP! Fringe everything y'all! 

Favorite you-tube video of the week here by Elle Fowler fuels my planning addiction.

I have become a planning addict and ordered a ton of stickers from KarolinasKrafts my new favorite planner sticker shop. They have special stickers for the Erin Condren planner and I ordered a ton of them even though I won't have the planner until next month. Are y'all into planners/planning? 

Gram me here for lots of fun posts before they hit the blogosphere. 

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