With Style and a Little Grace: Charlie's Favorite Things

Charlie's Favorite Things

If you are new to my blog - Charlie is our fur baby and our 1st child * he is an only child right now :) He is 4 years old and spoiled rotten. Some of his hobbies include: hunting, swimming, picking up turtles, chewing on bones, and relaxing on his favorite couch. Must be a tough life. Today I wanted to round up a few of his favorite things for all you dog moms and dads out there.
1. Cabela's Baxter Dog Couch - Charlie loves his bed and it is seriously the best one we could have purchased. He is a very large lab ( 120 LBS) so this gives him plenty of room to stretch out and the orthopedic cushion is very comfortable for him.
2.) His favorite treats right now are the Blue Buffalo Blue Bits and the Exerhide beef twists. The Buffalo Blue Bits are for little dogs but Charlie is obsessed with them. I got them from Chewy and they have an amazing selection of dog treats. Plus they deliver.
3.)  Toy Storage- Charlie has an insane amount of toys so I got him this adorable basket from Target to store them and wrote his name in chalk on it. It is so cute and now he knows exactly where to go to pick out his favorite toy of the moment.
4.) Toys - Charlie loves plush stuffed toys ( those only last about an hour if we are lucky), squeaky plastic toys, balls, and his absolute favorite are yellow rubber ducks ( that's right the kind that little kids play with in the bath he LOVES THEM). We try not to promote tug of war games with him so we tend to stay away from rope toys etc.
5.) Food - Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish & Rice - Charlie had really bad allergies when he was younger and we had to take pretty much everything extra out of his diet at one point. He is tons better now but we still swear by this food. It has really helped with them.
5.) Collar - Cabelas personalized id collar in hunter green. I love their collars we have had about 3 of them through his growth spurts and they are great quality. His is in the picture above - couldn't get a great photo of it from their website.
What are your pets favorite items and things that you can't live without?
Let me know and thank you so much for reading!

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