With Style and a Little Grace: Blue & White

Blue & White

I have been really into 4th of July inspired outfits recently. Crisp white is always great for the summertime add a little patriotic blue ( last seen here) and it is perfect for the upcoming holiday. I have been pinning a ton of Jackie O inspiration recently so I thought my favorite big sunglasses would go hand in hand with this look. She is one of my ultimate style icons! Classic and timeless! 

target top almost exact here | forever 21 skirt old similar here | zara heels almost exact here | target clutch | jcrew bracelet 

So I have made it to chapter 6 in the nightingale which I feel like is a small victory - I am having such a hard time getting into it which is not normal for me. I feel like I should admit defeat right now and pick up a new book? Does this every happen to y'all? I have major book block and want to be reading something I am really into - also I have a ton of shows recording right now - which is a little abnormal for sumer. 

Last night Henry judged me because he couldn't watch regular tv because so much was recording ...... excuse me I need my housewives and secrets and wives and chrisley knows best and pll and stitchers and gilmore reruns and astro wives starts this week and dawsons/buffy reruns next week ..... it's official I shouldn't be allowed to watch ANYMORE TELEVISION ;) Tell me y'all have this issue so I don't feel like a complete nut. 

Happy humpday and thanks for reading! 


  1. This dress is so cute on you!!!


    1. Thanks Brooke!! :) Its so hot outside it's hard to wear anything else haha! XO

  2. My husband has the same complaint about the TV recordings!! He always says hat he only records 2 shows for the entire week while all of my shows infiltrate and clog up the DVR space!! Hahah!!

    1. Haha I hear ya! They just have to understand that we need our shows ;) They should just get us some more DVR space hehe!