With Style and a Little Grace: 30 Ideas for Blog Posts

30 Ideas for Blog Posts

I try to plan out my blog posts at least a week in advance. Sometimes I have so many ideas the whole month fills up before I know it. Other times I feel like I might never have another good idea, just a lovely blank slate and a ton of writers block. This is why I carry around a little notebook plus my planner ( I am a bag lady ) that I fill with all of my ideas as I have them, so on the dried up you will never ever have a good idea again days I can fetch from the -your a genius Gracie days. :) 

So for those days when you are feeling very uninspired here is a list of 30 fun blog post ideas

1. Your favorite book of all time and the story behind why you love it so much

2. A great DIY  - furniture re-do or a fun craft you have wanted to tackle

3. A day in your life - document your daily routine ( love this idea)

4.) Full planner post ( planner how-tos and how you plan your week ) * I'm super into planning right now

5.) What's in your bedside table

6.) Top 5 products of all time

7.) Home Tour * I'm nosy and love these 

8.) What you eat in a day - meals and how you plan them out

9.) Organization tips and tricks 

10.) Recreate a look one of your favorite celebs wore

11.) Whats in your purse or makeup bag

12.) Travel wish-list 

13.) Current favorite playlist

14.) Tell a story about yourself as a child

15.) Shop your own closet for a month and come up with new outfits every week

16.) Best/worst money you ever spent

17.) Top recommendations of things to do in your city 

18.) Top 10 things you learned in college 

19) Who would play you in a movie and why

20.) Recipes 

21.) Lessons you have learned in blogging 

22.) Favorite family traditions 

23.) Morning/Bedtime routine

24.) Guest post with one of your favorite blogger friends

25.) Buy this not that

26.) Photography tips and tricks 

27.) Blogging tips and tricks 

28.) Favorite apps 

29.) Current inspiration / inspiration board 

30.)  Your karaoke song and why ( Fancy by Reba McIntyre ) 

My office inspiration via my pinterest board 

What are some of your favorite blog post ideas? I would love to know so I can add them to my little notebook for those brain freeze days! 

Thank y'all for reading! 


  1. I've only just started blogging, but I've already hit a slump. I ended up moving 6000 miles away for a work project and I had to completely change what I was blogging about. I wish I had this list six months ago. Thank you for these ideas!

    1. I have definitely hit slumps before so I know what you mean! Your welcome! Let me know what you blog about! XO, Gracie and thanks for reading!

  2. You plan a week in advance! You are so together! I write when it comes into my head. Usually when I think of it I save it in my drafts and hopefully I get to finishing it (although that's not always the case :( ). These are great ideas. I would love to see more photography tips as that is my week area and obviously I could use more posts on organization and planning ahead ;)


    1. I definitely plan in advance when I have lots of ideas but there are still those days when I am super stumped and can't come up with anything haha! I was actually thinking of doing a photography post coming up since we just got our camera in January and are still learning different things. I am all about the organization posts as well - lots of those coming! Trying to organize my life one step at a time ;)

      Thanks for reading Liz - loving your site!


    2. Great post and some very inspiring ideas! I look forward to your reading your photography post... thats one area I would really like to improve on!

  3. These are such great ideas, perfect for when I have bloggers block!
    xo, Syd

  4. These are such great ideas!! I've seen so many of these posts, but they never seem to have realistic ideas. I love your ideas! I will definitely be putting them to use.

    1. Thanks Mariah! I am so glad - they are great for those days when the ideas just won't come! XO,