With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // Part 3

Sunday Stock // Part 3

Our Honeymoon St. Lucia June 2013


I feel like summer days should be slow and sun filled - long afternoons sipping cold iced tea and reading my latest romance novel or current thriller. In my mind that is what they are- in reality 5 days out of the summer are spent working -dreaming of the ways I can cram it all in on the weekend but when the weekend gets there you are tired or you have a thousand errands or chores to do. That can be so hard sometimes especially seeing everyone else's instagram that seriously make you wonder if anyone else in the world has to work but you? Anyone else? I'm not saying that I don't have my share of fun vacations - we are truly blessed but in this day in age when everyone's highlight reel is perfect the struggle is real. 

Also on my mind 

It's coming August 26th 
I don't think it is turning 30 that freaks me out - I am seriously looking forward to this era in my life - babies, playdates, growing our family, growing more comfortable with myself everyday extra wrinkles and all- I can't wait for my thirties! I think the fear lies in getting to that place. I am so ready for it and I know that it is right around the corner but I need to live in the here and now - embrace where we are in our life right this second instead of constantly thinking about tomorrow. Also, I had so much I wanted to do before 30 - like seriously y'all I had a list on my phone:  travel to Europe, take a big road trip, buy our first home, buy an expensive handbag, throw a party, visit new york again with Henry, take a photography class, do a wine-tasting. I highly doubt that is all going to happen in the next 3 months. It's just not realistic or financially an option. 

And that's OK - I have an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally, a precious dog named Charlie who is excited to see me every single day, healthy family and insanely loyal and amazing friends. 

Making: white cheddar pimento cheese - recipe tomorrow on the blog it's divine y'all

Drinking: sweet tea

Reading: nightingale by kristin hannah - haven't gotten very far

Watching: RKOBH, game of thrones, old gilmore girls episodes

Listening to: La Mer - currently obsessed with french music

Eating: wings Henry grilled for dinner

Enjoying: you-tube may favorites videos 

Thank y'all for reading this totally random post and let me know if I am the only crazy one out there that thinks about all these things haha! 

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