With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock + About Me

Sunday Stock + About Me

Happy Sunday Loves! I have noticed there are several new faces around With Style and a Little Grace and I thought it would be a good time to do a little getting to know you post! Plus a Sunday stock of my current favorite things. I didn't do an April favorites because there just weren't that many new items. Saving up for Summer! 
Thank y'all so much for reading and I would love to know your feedback on anything you might like to see on WSLG! 


My name is Gracie! I am a 29 year old married lady soon to be 30! I am actually very excited about my 30s I have heard they are the best and I am looking forward to that part of my life. Married to Henry, my football coaching husband and mom to our fur baby Charlie monster. I am a graduate of The University of Alabama and Kappa Delta gal. My family resides in Mobile, Alabama and yes we are spoiled by all the gorgeous weather and living so close to the gulf. Wouldn't change it! 


I started WSLG when Henry and I got engaged and it has really evolved over the years. It started out as my creative outlet for just a hodge podge of everything that was going on in our lives. I have slowly started to cultivate a site full of my lifestyle favorites. Lifestyle, fashion, DIY, beauty, decor. I have so many ideas for the future of WSLG. It makes me so excited to create and to see others doing the same The world of blogging is always full of inspiration. One thing I will tell bloggers starting out - invest in the DSLR camera ASAP. It has changed my blog so much since I got mine at Christmas. 

Who takes your pictures?

My adorable husband is so kind and takes the time out of his day to take my pictures. He is really great with a camera and we are still both learning every single day. We definitely have our fair share of moments finding common ground of what we see in our head but we have fun doing it. 

The future of WSLG? 

Right now I blog in my free time and on weekends but I would absolutely love to be a full-time blogger. I want to write a book, I am not talking Emily Dickinson but a great beach read is right in my wheel house. Maybe even a Southern lifestyle book. I see myself blogging and writing in the future. I would love to add in some you-tube videos as well. 


Making: molten lava cakes coming to the blog next week 

Drinking: sweet tea with fresh lemon

Reading: the girl on the train - I will finish it today! That book is so so good

Wanting: to go on a weekend getaway - we had plans for New Orleans but couldn't get all our friends to agree on a weekend so it kind of fell to the wayside. I would love a weekend getaway with Henry to Nola or Charleston

Watching: Game of Thrones - Outlander - Vampire Diaries - Reign - 

Listening to: Girl Crush - Little Big Town and Where are you know - Skrillex and Beiber on repeat - I know the Beiber is embarrassing but the song is so addicting

Eating: fresh strawberries 

Smelling: a vanilla and coconut layer candle I found at the dollar store that I am seriously loving oddly enough

Wishing: I had a summer vacation like I did when I was still in school - 2 months of free time yes please

Enjoying: grilling out in the afternoon and having sun late into the evening - it just feels like there is so much more time in the day

Loving: that I get to see all my girlfriends again for Memorial Day weekend

Hoping: that we finally get to start looking at houses in the next couple months

Needing: a haircut

Feeling: like I need to go to the gym

Wearing: my new favorite white jeans seen here and my new Zara bag that carries everything

Pinteresting: Summer all day long 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post and please let me know anything you would like to see. Sunday stock will be here every Sunday! 


  1. Love love love this post! Especially the note about Charleston...come on!


    1. I know I want to plan a little mini vacay so badly! We would have to do blogger brunch! XO