With Style and a Little Grace: Book Review - The Girl on the Train

Book Review - The Girl on the Train

Ok guys, this book has rave reviews and for good reason it will suck you in and once you are sucked in you just have to know all the answers!

To start out I thought it was a little slow - my irritation and disdain for the main character was honestly making it hard for me to get into this book, anyone else? But then about 50 pages in things got very interesting as the plot started to unfold before my eyes.

The main character Rachel, who is an alcoholic -rides the train into the city every single day. She has made up a story for the couple she sees every single day and what their lives are like. Then she wakes up one day to find that the lovely wife has gone missing. Rachel's ex-husband and his new wife happen to be their neighbors and Rachel happened to be drunk in the same vicinity the night she disappeared...........

Where is she.... what happened?

It's good y'all - definitely go out and get it! Super easy read and if you get sucked in you will probably finish it in one sitting. But it here


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! We are reading this for our neighborhood book club and I hadn't really heard about it...guess I'm under a rock these days!!...I'm excited to read it now.

    1. Yayy so glad! You will love it! It really sucks you in! XO,