With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Well I am officially back in the swing of things after our annual Same Sweet Girls beach trip last weekend. If you haven't read that book you must - purchase here. It's our favorite.

Top notch trip ladies, top notch! We had such a good time even with the overcast weather. Seeing your best friends especially when you live in different cities is so important and we try to keep up our trips at least twice a year. Eating good food, drinking wine, laying on the beach, and maybe a few Disney and Deanna Carter sing alongs made my weekend! 

Selfie Attempts 

Gorgeous view from our bird's nest in our adorable house in Seaside 

Soft shell crab dinner was incredible our first night at V in Seaside. If you haven't tried it - definite must. 

Coffee + Creme Brulee 

Cocktails at The Great Southern - another must eat in Seaside. Their food is delicious.

Steamed crab claws + caesar salad

Fried crab claws + insanely good pimento cheese

Sister sister

Fresh oysters 

Laras braid game was on point

Product Night - so much fun! We all brought products that we wanted to talk about and different masks and things for each other to try. This was a blast. Totally recommend for your next girls trip. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


  1. LOVE that striped coverup with tassels - any idea where I could find it?! Looks like such a fun girls' weekend!!


    1. She just got it from Victoria's Secret - I know I wanted it too! So cute! XO,