With Style and a Little Grace: Planning my Home Organization Binder

Planning my Home Organization Binder

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Let's be honest y'all I love anything that has to do with organization. I like a good list for literally everything. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that I have been toying around with the idea of making a Home Management Binder. They are super popular on Pinterest and You-Tube which just added fuel to my little OCD heart. I mean I have my planner and my blog notebook for ideas but I love the idea of having a binder where every aspect of our home/finances can be easily located. 

Let's not talk about how many notebooks I carry around ok? 

I got a bit carried away researching all the options on Pinterest - that place can seriously be a black hole. Lots of perfect free printables and organized lists for every aspect of my life - my inner Monica is jumping for joy. 

I am currently working on getting mine set up for our little family exactly like I want it and then I thought I would share it on here for anyone that is interested. I have really enjoyed seeing how other people put their's together and it gives me good ideas about what I might be missing. 

I am also going to add a whole section on meal planning and if this goes well I might do a post on it too. Do y'all meal plan? Does it work for you? 

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Main Focus Areas 

- To Do List /Schedule
-Personal Info (Contact and Emergency)
-Meal Planning 
-Blog Info/Planning
-Household ( Cleaning lists etc)
-Holiday planning 

Do y'all like the idea of having all your home needs in one area or do you think I'm a little crazy? If you like planner posts I might do one of those too and how I set up my schedule. Outfit pics are back tomorrow! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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