With Style and a Little Grace: Dressy Jeans: Guest Post by Morrell's Armoire

Dressy Jeans: Guest Post by Morrell's Armoire

Hi Ladies, today I am so excited because I am teaming up with the fab Morrell of Morrell's Armoire. She is guest-posting here and I am over on her blog. We are doing a little get to know you Q & A plus our favorite casual and dressy ways to wear white jeans. A summer staple. 

So grab a cup of coffee and get to know her a little better! 

Hey everyone! Nice to meet you! My name is Morrell Turner, and I am the fashion blogger behind Morrell's Armoire. I am so happy to be guest posting for Gracie today. I hope that Gracie and I have many more collaborations in the future.  Here is a little bit about me and Morrell's Armoire.
Coming from a very small town called Chatom, just north of Mobile,  it was hard to really find out who I was until later in life when I went to college. All my friends would always ask me why I wasn’t majoring in fashion. Everyone always wanted to know where I purchased my clothes.  I felt as though I had to prove something to my family and myself by getting a business degree. By this time, it was unfortunately too late to change my major. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business and then a Master’s in Marketing, but I have always had a desire for fashion. It seems as though I have worked many jobs, but I always come back to my one true love, fashion. Even at the young age of two years old, my mom swears I fought with her when she picked out my clothes and tried to dress me.
When I graduated 2 years ago in May, I had a lot of time on my hands looking for jobs. My ultimate plan was to start my own store or maybe an online store.  After hours upon hours of researching, I fell in love with the idea of starting a fashion blog. After I spent more time researching other fashion blogs, I finally decided to just do it. I felt it was a great way to document my style. I called it Morrell’s Armoire because my closet is my refuge and sanctuary. Morrell’s Armoire is now my "creative outlet fueled by my passion". Morrell’s Armoire has given me courage, creativity, and so much happiness. Sharing my style is now one of my favorite things to do!
My style changes from day to day. I don't really have a strategy for what I post.  My posts are based on how I feel on that particular day. My style reflects my mood.. which I think most everyone’s style does. 

Today Gracie and I have are giving you some white pants inspiration. I took the dressy look, and Gracie, the casual look ...back on my blog.  I went a little Kors Krazy on this one. When dressing up a pair of white jeans, fabric is key. The texture can make such a difference in your ensemble. I choose this silky ruffled back top by Michael Kors. A silk top is an easy fix for a dressy pants look. Accessories are also a prime part of dressing up your look. I always gravitate to gold pieces. Gold accessories really pop amongst darker colors.  I added these killer heels to make the look even more dramatic. 

Thanks again for reading. I have sincerely enjoyed my time with Style and a Little Grace!



  1. Love that top!! That ruffle is too cute. Glad to discover a new blogger - thanks for sharing!!

    Annie Reeves

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