With Style and a Little Grace: Revisiting Resolutions

Revisiting Resolutions

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It is the end of March y'all and we have officially been in the new year for 3 months now, it is flying by on my account. Recently, I have really been thinking about the resolutions I made in January ( see the full post here) and wondering if I have really been working towards them.

If you are like me and probably everybody else- they can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of everyday life and it is nice to take a minute and reflect on what you have done to work towards them and kind of reset your mindset towards getting back on track. I was really excited to see that I have definitely been making progress on several of my resolutions. The one I am really slacking on is my reading. I love to read and just can't seem to find any time. I planned on reading 1 new book a month and back in the day ( when I had nothing on my plate) that would have seemed like nothing. Now in the words of Jesse Spano "There's never any time"! Another resolution that I need to work on is taking some sort of fun work-out class. I am definitely back on my 3-4 times a week but really want to tone up for Summer.

I am vowing to get back on it and just really wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way about resolutions and revisiting them monthly to see your progress. Do you find them realistic? I keep mine on my refrigerator as a daily reminder ( my husband thinks that my lists are a little crazy) but I have honestly found that when I see them every single day I am much more likely to make them happen! Anybody else?


  1. I too leave little lists and notes everywhere - one of my resolutions is starting this very blog!
    Good luck to us both. xo


    1. That's awesome! Good Luck and thank you so much for reading! XO,