With Style and a Little Grace: Friday's Five

Friday's Five

Happy Friday Friends! I am so sorry I missed my blog post yesterday -  I had a whole DIY post that didn't get finished, life has been a little busy and I just did not plan ahead enough for this week.

How was y'alls week? Our washing machine started leaking at the beginning of the week and Henry's truck had to be put in the shop so it has been eventful in the worst way - when it rains it pours right? 
We had the cold snap come in last night and I am sure I say it for everyone when I say goodbye and good riddance to the cold weather. Here's a little snap of some highlights from the week. :) * Photos do not include my glee while watching the Beverly Hills drama unfold - OMG Kim has last her marbles and Brandi is Cray - I loved every minute. Also I can't wait for Vanderpump Rules reunion next week. Plus we find out who A is in 2 episodes on PLL - it's getting so good. 

My new work-out pants came in from Victoria's Secret and I am in love with this bright and bold print. Fun work-out gear makes working out so much better! 

My new heels from Target that I am loving

Henry has been dying for Girl Scout cookies and I am on a mission to find some but for now we are making do with the Dollar Store version and I'm not going to lie they are really good.

Trying to finish my InStyle magazine and starting my new book my Aunt sent me for Valentine's Day by one of my favorite authors. 

Current quote on my home screen to inspire me throughout the week. Isn't it the truth! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. The Target heels are EVERYTHING - love mine! Was so glad to find a deal on mules.


    1. I know they are sooo good! I feel like I really need them in brown now :) Thank you so much for reading! XO G