With Style and a Little Grace: Currently Craving: J.Crew

Currently Craving: J.Crew

Rain rain go away! It has been raining, foggy, and so dreary here all week. I am officially in need of some major sunshine. I think I might be coming down with a little seasonal depression because this weather is making me very lazy, tired, and lathargic. Boohhh! Anybody else? 

What has perked me up have been all the amazing spring styles floating around on the interweb - specifically all the gorgeousness on J.Crew. I think if I had to pick one brand to buy for the rest of my life and thats all I could wear it would probably be J.Crew. They never disappoint with their classic and cool preppy style. Loving all of their new arrivals. Especially this gorgeous suit for my girl's beach trip coming up. 

Who are y'all loving right now? Thank you so much for reading! 

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