With Style and a Little Grace: March 2015

March Favorites

Another month has come and gone y'all and I am left wondering how it went so quickly. I need time to slow down a little bit. And it is officially time for another monthly favorites. What are you loving this month? I didn't purchase many new beauty items but I am looking forward to adding a few things into my Springtime routine. The beginning of a new season is always the perfect time to change things up. 


e.l.f contouring blush and bronzing powder - This duo is the best drugstore dupe I have found for Nars and it is only $3. I have been using it solely for over a month now and am obsessed. Do yourself a favor and go pick it up. 

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser  - I ran out of my Origins cleanser and picked up this cleanser which is one of my favorites. It has little gentle exfoliating beads and leaves my skin silky smooth. It is one of my tried and true favorites. Aveeno never disappoints. 

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration  - When the weather gets warmer and summer starts to approach I love anything coconut scented in my bathroom. I purchased this because it smelled amazing, but it does leave my hair very hydrated and not too greasy. 

Dove Go Fresh Mandarin & Tiare Flower - OH MY GOSH y'all this smells AMAZING! I raved about the Dove Winter Care here and I am officially addicted to their body washes. They are so thick and creamy and leave my skin feeling amazing. Go and buy this the orange scent is incredible. 

Calgon Milk Bath - Current bubble bath favorite. Leaves my skin super smooth and smells very fresh. 


This is totally random but I have been loving these little tuna packets for lunch. This sweet and spicy flavor is so tasty and usually I either make a pita pocket or eat it on top of a salad. I am also still addicted to avocado toast and my breakfast has gone back to yogurt and granola. I am planning on mixing things up a little soon. Would y'all like to see a healthy lunch options post? Or a healthy snacks one? 


Loving all my new baubles from Versona and I really want to add some new ones to my collection. I feel like it takes a little bit to build up the perfect arm party! Also loving crisp whites and embroidered fabric for Spring. 

These Target mules are on heavy rotation and I really want to pair them with a pretty flowing wrap or maxi dress. Maybe this  beauty from Old Navy! 

Wearing my new Converse and getting excited about wearing some fun casual looks with them for Spring and Summer. 

-- T.V. SHOW--

Are y'all watching Southern Charm? If not stop what you are doing right now and start recording. It is so entertaining- Henry even loves it and watches it with me :) ! I am obsessed with Cameran's outfits and the antics are just beyond hilarious. 


Currently reading The Silkworm and I can't put it down. I loved The Cuckoos Calling and this is following the private investigator Cormoran Strike again on another case. These books are the new series by J.K. Rowling and I have found that it takes me about 100 pages to get into them but once it gets rolling I am sucked in. I have about 4 books to read this month to get back on track with my New Years goal so if you have any great book selections let me know. This one is next on my must read list. 


Maroon 5 Sugar on repeat - can't get enough! 

Here's to another great month - Thank you so much for reading! 

Hot Pink

It's Easter Week and I am looking forward to spending some time with my husband and a very free calendar. I feel like it is the perfect time to catch up on my to-do list. My March favorites is coming tomorrow and I swear y'all the months are literally flying by.

I am back on my 4 days a week work-outs because my annual girl's beach trip is in three weeks and I am far from bikini ready! Can't wait! Back to the grind loves! This little shirt dress is one of my favorites from last year. I love a little casual dress and generally gravitate towards them over jeans because they are so easy and feminine. Great Spring transition piece. 

J.Crew shirt dress ( OLD loving these) // Zara Bag // Sandals // Sunnies 

Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous week! 

Four for Friday

- Our little Easter Tree passed down to us from my Mama. I love getting it out ever year. 

- Speckled Easter Eggs decorating our Coffee Table 

- Shamefully we have been loving these double stuff Spring Oreos all week long

- Great mail week my new Zara Shopper came in and I picked up this adorable shift dress for the Summer. 

This week flew by y'all and I am looking forward to the weekend. We are ready for Easter around here and I am so excited to try out a few new recipes this weekend for the Holiday. We are also going on a little movie date to see Insurgent, I also really want to see Cinderella. And I am off to enjoy this beautiful weekend. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Casual Springtime

Spring is in the air and the azaleas are out in Mobile in full bloom. They are gorgeous! The weather has been a little dreary this week and we actually took these pictures right before the bottom fell out. 
I love this floral dress that I got last Summer, seen here. The only issue is it's really too short now to wear out with heels. I thought it would be cute to dress it down with my new favorite Converse ( obsessed) and a little denim jacket. I feel like a Spring dress and a great denim jacket will take you anywhere in the Spring time. Perfect if there is a little chill in the air. 

Side note: I wasn't sure I was cool enough to pull off Converse but I am loving them and they are seriously so comfortable. 

I'm also linking up today with Laura - Walking in Memphis in High Heels for another fabulous trend-spin link up. Check out all the other fab bloggers and their take on denim for Spring! 
Thank you so much for reading! What are you loving for Spring? 


Revisiting Resolutions

Image via this post

It is the end of March y'all and we have officially been in the new year for 3 months now, it is flying by on my account. Recently, I have really been thinking about the resolutions I made in January ( see the full post here) and wondering if I have really been working towards them.

If you are like me and probably everybody else- they can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of everyday life and it is nice to take a minute and reflect on what you have done to work towards them and kind of reset your mindset towards getting back on track. I was really excited to see that I have definitely been making progress on several of my resolutions. The one I am really slacking on is my reading. I love to read and just can't seem to find any time. I planned on reading 1 new book a month and back in the day ( when I had nothing on my plate) that would have seemed like nothing. Now in the words of Jesse Spano "There's never any time"! Another resolution that I need to work on is taking some sort of fun work-out class. I am definitely back on my 3-4 times a week but really want to tone up for Summer.

I am vowing to get back on it and just really wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way about resolutions and revisiting them monthly to see your progress. Do you find them realistic? I keep mine on my refrigerator as a daily reminder ( my husband thinks that my lists are a little crazy) but I have honestly found that when I see them every single day I am much more likely to make them happen! Anybody else?

Easter Bunny Wish-List

Easter is just around the corner loves and if anyone (cough, cough my husband) is looking for a little treat to put in your Easter Basket I have rounded up some of my favorite little goodies that would definitely make the cut. 

I gave up all candy for Lent so honestly a basket full of all my favorite candies and chocolates is right up my alley but add in a little goodie like a fancy lipstick or gloss and you have upped the ante. We always had the best Easter baskets growing up with tons of candy and several goodies including one bigger item that we might have wanted. I love stocking Henry's basket full to the brim and can't wait to do our kid's one day. It is always so much fun and I always over do for my fur baby since he is an only child ;) 

What are you craving this Easter season? 

Spa Night Essentials

Spa night's are something that I give myself at least once a week. I have always been a bath girl - I take a bath every single night. It's my me time. I light a candle, read my book, or watch a little you-tube on my Ipad. Maybe have a glass of wine,  I need that time in my life.

A spa night adds a little bit more luxury to your routine and reminds me to do those weekly things ( like exfoliating my skin and doing a facemask). I thought I would round up some of my favorites for a little spa night in.

--A Great Bubble Bath--

Right now I am loving this Calgon Milk Bath it smells really wonderful and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I take baths so often that I really want to splurge on the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it to me......


I am currently alternating between the Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal mask and this mint mask which is the CVS version of the Queen Helene mask. They are both great for minimizing pores and leaving your skin feeling really refreshed. I think everyone should do a facemask at least once a week. At $4 these have been my favorites for over 15 years.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - this mask is great if you are in a rush and leaves your hair super shiny. For my big spa nights I am currently using Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser and it might be my favorite hair mask to date. The texture is really thick, like butter and it leave my hair smelling and feeling amazing.


I like to take this time and really exfoliate my skin, especially getting ready for bikini season. I usually use a buffing brush or scrubber with my favorite exfoliate of the moment. I am currently trying to use up my Victoria's Secret exfoliate I purchased last summer, similar here. Then I shave using my new favorite shaving gel Skintimate Raspberry Rain with my tried and true Venus. When I get out of the shower I like to use either a really thick body butter or a great oil on my skin. My lavender oil I have had over 4 years and you need so little I am just now running out. I just purchased this from the Body Shop for Summer.

  I usually stay in my robe, make some tea and let it soak in for about an hour.

I try to maintain my nails weekly, even if they are not painted. The best thing to do is make sure to take care of your cuticles. This Sally Hansen remover came in a kit with cuticle sticks and is fantastic and so easy to use. I usually moisturize my hands afterwards and put them in gloves or socks for a little bit. Hands do not need to be neglected ladies, they can seriously show age.


If I have time I try to paint my nails a fun color! These are some of my current Spring favorites!

Do y'all have a spa routine? I know it might seem like a lot to do weekly but I strongly believe in taking care of your skin. You only get one body right?  Let me know if y'all would like to see more beauty posts like this?

Thank you so much for reading!

A Dress over Jeans

Happy Monday Lady Loves! Where did the weekend go? Easter is in two weeks y'all. I saw this image on Pinterest awhile back and knew that I wanted to try and recreate the look. I like the idea of turning a dress into a long tunic top over jeans. 

In high school, I rocked the dress over jeans look ( among many other fashion disasters) and my boyfriend at the time didn't even want to take me to school in the get-up. Who could blame him it wasn't quite this put together, it was more of a sundress and flare jeans look that was all I had in my closet to recreate what I saw in Vogue the night before. 

What do y'all think? Love it or leave it? Henry's response was "That's different" haha! 

Have a great week and thank you so much for reading! 

Saturday Steals: Tory Burch Private Sale

Happy Saturday! Tory Burch is having a great private sale right now and it is running until Monday. Some of their items are up to 70% off and that seriously never happens. It's the perfect time to pick up those boots you want for the fall or a gorgeous handbag. 

Some of my favorites! 

Everything is going super quickly so hit it up before everything is gone! 

Happy weekend! 

Friday Craving: Beauty

Happy Friday Friends! It was a super busy but fun week and now I am ready for the weekend. I see a spa night in my future - face mask, glass of wine, and a date with my DVR, yes please. 
As always, there are several products that I am dying to try including this firming mask which is supposed to be amazing and this needs to be on my face asap.

What are y'all loving and thank you so much for reading! 

Happy Weekend! 

Flower Power

Did y'all watch Greek when it was on ABC family? It was one of my favorite's and there is an episode where they are going on Spring Break and Casey is wearing this floral kimono top I have on. I was seriously obsessed with it for like two months after that, like wore it with everything- I know it's embarrassing. 

I pulled out all of Summer clothing last weekend and made a little row of items that I haven't worn in forever and that I vowed to break out this season. I still love this fun little kimono style top with jeans and even shorts. It's so cute but I clearly burned myself out on it a few years ago. Do y'all ever get burnt out on items in your closet? I know this is a constant struggle for me and I am always trying to reinvent items. 

Note to self- shop your own closet more often 

Floral Top (OLD by Moth ) loving this look// White Tee // Jeans // Heels // Bag // Bracelets 

Thank you so much for reading! Happy Thursday!