With Style and a Little Grace: Windswept


I am not going to lie this photo-op was a slight bust, but we had fun doing it. Henry and I enjoyed the afternoon strolling downtown before my parade last week and decided to take some pics. Well the wind was whipping exhibit A - my terrible hair in every photo. 

I tried to curl it and I like the waves, but I think I have decided the bangs have to grow out. Loving the length but the bangs might be too much management for this girl. 

Mossimo Sweater // Mossimo Skirt // J.Crew Tights // Old Navy Booties // Cabi Coat // Scarf unknown // Old Navy Tote OLD // Ray Ban Aviators 

Today is Friday for me and I am so excited about our Mardi Gras Ball tomorrow night and a fun long Valentine's Day Weekend. I am starting it off right tonight with a little pampering Mani/Pedi. Holla!  Tomorrow I am bringing you the tastiest Valentine's Day Cheesecake. 

Thank y'all for reading!! 


  1. Great scarf!! Enjoy your mani/pedi today - sounds amazing!

    Annie Reeves

    1. Thanks Annie! It was great haven't had one in forever! Thanks you so much for reading! XO G

  2. Nice scarf! I found the same on this site Originalluxury