With Style and a Little Grace: Friday's Five

Friday's Five

-Visiting a Mobile staple -The Peanut Shop - while downtown for Mardi Gras- I might have eaten an entire bag of gummy worms.

- Seeing my post on photo organization on the Southern Blog Society made my week! 

- The ceiling of The Battle House Lobby, enjoying Mardi Gras and all the hotel staycation time that comes with it. Now if I just had time to visit the spa, it is a must next time. 

- New lipgloss and upping my skincare game with some new products. My nighttime skincare routine coming next week.

- So much fun at my ball -OOP - last night with my handsome husband.

Happy Friday Friends, hope y'all are looking forward to a fun weekend. We have another big Mardi Gras week coming up so I am going to be taking it pretty easy this weekend. 

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