With Style and a Little Grace: A Little Ramble

A Little Ramble

Vanderpump Rules seriously makes my Monday y'all! Did you watch Sheena's wedding? Total entertainment - "She looks like a crop top angel" I believe was one comment - I can't find any good gifs which is super disappointing. 

I can't wait for next week's episode - meltdown's will ensue. These people always make me feel better about myself. ;) Crazy Kristen is on a whole other level. 

Girl is certifiable - makes for excellent trashy tv

Oh my gosh - I die over this dress. It is couture and kind of looks like the top of a Barbie cake but I love love it! She looked FLAWLESS.

I have the major travel bug recently and I loved this article on The Everygirl about places to travel this Spring. 

Take me to Paris please! 

This Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream is so moisturizing - I have been using it day and night and my skin feels amazing. I highly recommend - especially during the winter months. 

I want to go somewhere tropical and wear a bikini ....... PLEASE

Or this adorable cropped number. 

Also getting a little overly excited about seeing 50 shades this weekend. Check out the trailer. 

That's a ton of random for your day - Happy Tuesday Loves and Thanks for reading! 

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