With Style and a Little Grace: Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

This beauty has been on my wish-list for awhile now and I am hoping the hubs snags it for Valentines Day! 

The most adorable sleep mask 

For the list maker, love carrying in my bag to jot blog ideas

Kind of loving the bags at Forever 21 right now, so good! 

Dying to buy these Nars lipsticks, I swatched in store and I am loving the pigmentation and semi-matte consistency. 

The perfect Carrie Bradshaw moment for your dinner date! 

Perfume is a classic on Valentine's Day

The most perfect dangle and I am slightly obsessed! 

If your a chocoholic like me how cute would this be for a date night in or for fondue?

The cutest tray with one of my fave quotes from Sex and the City

Voluspa are great candles for a very reasonable price, this one smells insanely good! 

The most comfortable and perfect thong ever made! 

A fun heel, and I have been craving a leopard pump! 

A cute new work-out pant, I am obsessed and want these in every color!

These have me dreaming of Spring and Summer plus planning my next tropical vacay!

Henry and I have wanted a portable charger for a bit now and I am loving this adorable one. Obviously he might want something a little more manly, but today is all about the ladies!

Where did January go? I feel like Christmas just happened and now it is just a few weeks until Valentine's Day! I have rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas to celebrate the holiday of love! Hint Hint Henry - I really want the Clarisonic or the Kendra Scott earrings! 

What do you do for Valentine's Day? I am totally dragging Henry to see 50 Shades of Grey and probably to a sushi date! 

Thank y'all so much for reading and if you are looking for a cute V-Day DIY check out my Valentine's Day Mason Jars

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