With Style and a Little Grace: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collab

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collab

As if my week of Lilly awesomeness could get any better after my fab finds at the After Party Sale. Well ladies, the Goddess of Citrus Sunshine herself is shining down on us today because Lilly is coming to Target ( CUE FREAK OUT NOW). OMG OMG! 

Lilly announced this exciting news via Insta tonight and they created a new account @lillyfortarget so you can check out all the fab things to come April 19th! You know I am all about the instagram @graciebjohnston - if we aren't friends we should be.  All the pictures I have added are from their fab new instagram account giving us a sneak peak of the gorgeousness to come. Ah I can't wait! This is probably my favorite collab that has come to Target so far and might have to be there ASAP on the 19th! It just looks SO good y'all. Marked in calendar as we speak! 

That pillow? I am seriously beyond excited! Mark your calendars ladies it's getting real in here. Lilly is coming to Target. 


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