With Style and a Little Grace: D.I.Y - Photo Organization

D.I.Y - Photo Organization

Photo organization has been a daunting task that I have put off for over 3 years now. Every time I start I just can't seem to make myself finish, all the years of photos and sorting leaves me feeling super uninspired and extremely overwhelmed. Anyone else? If you are like me you have collected albums upon albums of photos throughout the years, although the last 5 years are mostly on my computer ( another project for another day). I knew that this was my first organization goal I wanted to conquer of 2015 so I scoured Pinterest for ideas. 

1.) Gather up all of your photos from every corner of your house, albums, stray photos, etc all into one place.

2.) Organize your photos by the years they were taken, you can also do big events as well if you have a ton of pictures from certain events in your life. 

3.) Donate all your old albums and pick up your storage supplies. I chose streamlined boxes that would look great stored on shelves. Also pick up a sharpie for labeling and some post-it tabs to mark the years. 

I decided to go with a light blue neutral storage box from Target and I still need to pick up about two more. I had so many photos y'all, it was out of control! 

4.) Start organizing your photos starting with the earliest years. Separate with a white sheet of paper marking the years those photos span. 

Finish organizing, stack your boxes, and sit back and enjoy your newly organized photos all neatly in a row. 

I had so much more room after doing this it was so fantastic. My next goal is to organize all my recent photos that haven't even been printed. I need to get even more motivated for that one! 

Let me know if y'all like these organization posts because they are some of faves to do and I would love to do some type of organization series? Thoughts? 

Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading! 

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