With Style and a Little Grace: What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas

Welcome back from Holiday my loves! You lucky folks that aren't back at work today, I envy you. We had an amazing and extremely relaxing Christmas surrounded by our loved ones, I am beyond sad that it is over. I was so spoiled by my family and I thought I would share with you my goodies that I received. A little disclaimer, I am not bragging I just absolutely love when other people do these posts ( I am super nosy) so I thought it would be fun. 

Happy Monday Lovies, it's a short week so that's exciting and I am so ready to start 2015! 

A new coffee pot from my in-laws has us so excited. We have a Keurig but Henry and I recently went back to a regular coffeepot because they are just so much more convenient for the two of us and frankly much more budget friendly. Don't get me wrong we use the Keurig for company and for special drinks like cider or hot chocolate. But for every day we are coffee pot people.  Does anyone else feel this way after the Keurig craze? I am going to exchange this one for a black or chrome front just so it matches everything in our kitchen. 

We also got electric toothbrushes and I am so pumped! My dentist highly recommended I get one and I have put it off because they are a bit expensive. My sweet in-laws knew I needed one and were kind enough to get us both one. So excited to try it out! I have heard this is the best one to use. It is the #1 recommended by dentists. 

This gorgeous YSL cosmetic bag was a gift from my cousin Jenny and I am in love with it. It is going to be a new fixture in my bag. OBSESSED. 

My husband knocked it out of the park with these gorgeous Tory Burch Large Logo studs I have wanted for forever. He must have been reading my Christmas list ;) I love them and I think they will go with everything. Great everyday earrings. Also, the Tory Burch packaging is always so gorgeous.

Stocking Stuffer from Santa/my sweet Hubs is my fabulous new Lilly Pulitzer 2015 agenda. I have never gotten one of her's before but it is gorgeous and I can't wait to plan the new year! 

The coziest blanket set I have ever owned from my mom. I lived under this during the entire Holiday and I have to say it is my absolute favorite. I think she found it on QVC.

Another Stocking Stuffer my new Beauty Blender. I have heard amazing reviews on applying your foundation with these and I am so eager to use mine. 

Beautiful room fragrance and candle from my Dad and Suzanne. It smells just like a Christmas tree and the box is gorgeous. See how the light hits it? 

My new favorite work-out pants from Henry. I needed some so badly and he surprised me with these. He's a keeper that one! 

This Rachel Ray cooler from my mom that we are going to have monogrammed with our last name. It stretches out and will be perfect for parties or carrying things home from the grocery store. 

A little travel bag from my mom that I am loving to carry all of my bathroom products when we travel. She knows how much we have been traveling lately and knew it would be something that I would use all the time. That lady, she knows me too well.

Beautiful ear bobs from Suzannes gorgeous store and the best smelling Christmas soap from my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Rick. I also have to say I used my melting snowman from Lush and it was THE GREATEST bath experience ever. My skin was so soft and smooth afterwards and the bath smelled like mulled cider. I could never justify shipping Lush to myself before but now that I have used the products I am a believer. 

Last but not least my amazing family gifted me the money to go and buy myself a DSLR camera for the blog ( AHHHHHHHHHH) I know I am so excited! Henry and I are going to go this weekend and pick out the one that I want. I am leaning towards the CANON Rebel but would love to hear your opinions on your favorites. I have been researching for quite sometime and it is either that one or the Nikon D3200. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to an amazing 2015!!! Can't believe it is almost the New Year! 

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