With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update + Currrently Loving

Weekend Update + Currrently Loving

We had a pretty uneventful weekend since we were house-sitting at the river for Henry's parents. We pretty much stayed in our comfy clothes, watched football and some movies, and I read my book. It was extremely relaxing! 

A few pics of our laziness

I made cinnamon rolls Saturday morning and they were sinfully delicious. I haven't had them in so long and forgot how tasty they are. 

Henry burned some stuff for his parents, Charlie supervised.

I made seven layer dip for the Alabama game, so easy. Quick and easy recipe coming Wednesday. 

What I lived in all weekend, I am still obsessed with this blanket scarf. Sweater is American Eagle last season and super comfy. 

Movie Recap :

This one we really enjoyed. Pretty interesting concept

TURRIBLE... I mean really bad guys. Charlize what were you thinking? Don't waste your time. 

Currently Reading:

Shadow of Night - The second book in the Discovery of Witches Trilogy. I am still loving this series. 

Currently Obsessed

Are ya'll watching this show? It has sucked me in. I wonder who died and what is going to happen next. If your not watching, turn it on. 

Can't wait for

My favorite ladies are back tomorrow night and I can't wait. It looks like it is going to be such an entertaining season and I am so so glad they got rid of Carlton and "Yoce" haha Joyce. Can't wait to watch this train wreck. Speaking of train wrecks 

Are y'all watching Pump Rules? 

It's so bad y'all. I hate them all but I can't look away. I think that Stassi is dressing kind of old for her age or maybe it is her new haircut. I don't know, obviously this is not a pressing issue. Can't wait for the episode tonight, generally I just scream at them the whole time :)

That's all I have for today! What are you currently loving? 

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