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On my radar

WASSSUP friends! Let's chat. Who else is so excited about the impending Holidays they can barely stand it? Um this GIRL. 

I know I know it is super early, but I just love all of it. Thanksgiving and then Christmas and all the goodness in-between. Last night I was listening to my kitchen radio while cooking and they played Christmas music...... lets be honest it is still to early for the music but I didn't turn it off.....:)

Did y'all see the amazing sale that is happening at Nordstrom right now? I might have done a little sneaky sneaky Santa shopping. I am determined to get my shopping finished in a normal somewhat early time frame this year. I really wanted to get my favorite Newbury booties that are 1/2 off but I will refrain from shopping for myself right now. Do y'all have that problem too? You buy one thing for someone and one thing for yourself? I have been guilty of this one too many times. Not this year.... I can say that now because it's November 6th. Ask me how thats going when they suck me in with the music and decor and festivities. 

I finally ordered us some stockings. Second Christmas married and I am finally getting around to those things. Pottery Barn is having a pretty great sale right now and you can get free monogramming until Wednesday 11/12. I ordered the traditional red and white with the script writing here. I just love the classic look of them. Next I just need some stocking hangers. I am not sure what style I want. These are big decisions people. Holiday decor that we will use for years to come. It MUST BE PERFECT. I might be slightly obsessive about this stuff.  What kind of stocking hangers do you like? 

I am in love with this adorable menu display for Thanksgiving. I would totally use it if I were hosting any parties for the holidays, maybe next year. 

Did ya'll hear Selena Gomez's new song? It is very clearly about her relationship with Justin Bieber. They seem to have a very tumultuous relationship. I really love the song.  Its a good jam and I bought it on iTunes.

Check out the video here 

Cheers to the weekend being so close!! 

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