With Style and a Little Grace: Lets Chat: AMA's Edition

Lets Chat: AMA's Edition

Did y'all catch the AMA's last night? What did you think? I loved the performances by Sam Smith, T-Swift, Selena Gomez, and especially the song from Nicki Minaj. I felt like it was a different side to her. Side note, I hated the green number T-Swift was wearing, not good. What did y'all think? Not really any amazing outfits. I loved the dress Selena performed in, not so much the black one she came in. 

It is insane how gorgeous Kate Beckinsale is, I love her! She is my fitness role-model!

J. Lo looks AMAZING, her body is INSANE. Enough said. 

I weirdly really liked this look on Kendall. Am I crazy?

All images via People and Eonline

Is it just me or are they morphing into twins? I loathe this green dress with the nude pieces, she could have done so much better. 

Did y'all watch? Any favorite moments? Is it just me or do you find yourself downloading a bunch of songs during these shows? 

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