With Style and a Little Grace: Trend Alert: The Plaid Blanket Scarf and my Ebay Find

Trend Alert: The Plaid Blanket Scarf and my Ebay Find


Scarves may just be one of my all time favorite accessories so when I noticed this trend all over the place I knew I would be jumping on the bandwagon. The Zara version that everyone is obsessed with was sold out and I knew I had to stay within a very limited budget on this purchase so what's a girl to do? I took to E-Bay one of my favorite shopping destinations for on-trend pieces on the cheap. 

I was so excited when I found this seller and they have all different versions of my new favorite blanket scarf for.. wait for it $9.99. I should have ordered every color. I will let you know about the quality when it comes in but I had to share this bargain. I went with the first scarf on the left in the neurtral/red/green. It is going to be so cute for Christmas!! 


  1. Also found one at target too!!