With Style and a Little Grace: The Best of the Season: Halloween Movies

The Best of the Season: Halloween Movies

Hi Friends, Henry and I are having a Scary Movie Date next weekend, probably going to see Gone Girl, which is actually more of a thriller. Did y'all read the book? I did and I can't wait to see how the movie portrays everyone. There are certain movies that I always record to watch this time of year so here is my best of the season, Halloween movies! 


This movie is my absolute favorite Halloween family flick. Hello it was made in the 90s so it has to be good right? A little teen love, some fiesty witches, and lots of mischief! I love it so much and once I watch it every year it means it is truly the Holiday season! Also, it has Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker..... enough said!


The original classic scary movie. I still can't watch this at home by myself but it is so good. Michael Myers and that theme music. 


My favorite Tim Burton movie of all time. The music is so good and Jack Skellington discovering Christmas and the whole plot is perfection.


E.T. is a classic and one of the most pivotal scenes is set during Halloween . 


They are witches and wizards who have magical powers... need I say more?


Scream was the first scary movie I saw in theatres and I remember it being so terrifying that my best friend and I hid under a jacket most of the movie. Still love to watch it.


All versions of this cute Disney original are fun and festive. All about a young witch named Marnie and her family plus the magical Halloweentown! 

I am always checking out ABC Family's Halloween specials and Disney has some cute ones too ( I know I am 12), but they are fun especially if you are looking for something for kids. Also, AMC  has Halloween classics running that are a bit scarier. Hope y'all enjoyed! Pop some popcorn and get to spooking!! 

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