With Style and a Little Grace: It's Fall y'all + total gibberish

It's Fall y'all + total gibberish

I apologize for my sporadic posting this week and lack of a schedule. We had the busiest week/weekend and it took me until last night to catch up on my sleep/life. Our house was in shambles, I had like 30 unreturned e-mails, and nothing in our refrigerator. I needed to have a little re-group before I started a new month. So to be honest this week is probably going to be a little touch and go. But here are some current ramblings.

1.) I am so excited that my favorite month is here. Today marks the official start of all things festive. First up my Halloween/Fall decor going up on Friday. I need to make a trip to pick up a couple pumpkins and Henry and I are definitely doing a little yard work this weekend. 

2.) I am old and it is really upsetting how long it takes me to recover from a weekend o fun! I feel like I am retaining 10 lbs of water..... getting old is hard, am I right? 

3.) I ate chick fila this week and it was mind blowingly good.

4.) I have to go the gym tomorrow and I am dreading it sooooo badly!

5.) I made my first pot of chili last night and it made me soooooo happy! 

6.) I used a friend's clarisonic over the weekend and became completely aware how much I am missing out. I need one in my life ASAP. This winter hydration set at sephora looks like an amazing deal. Might need to pull the trigger. 

7.) Already recorded Hocus Pocus and might have watched it twice already, tis the season!! 

Happy Hump-Day y'all!

Maybe I can get my shiz together soon!

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